Starting Tips for New Adult Webmasters, Newbie advice, the basics for adult webmasters

Deciding to become a adult webmaster, just like anything new you're encountering, you always need to start with the basics. The articles in this section give the new adult webmaster the major starting points, such as finding a host, where and how to promote your website, choosing a merchant processor, search engine optimization and the do's and don'ts.

How Adult Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing Works

Find links to credit card billing processors and merchant accounts for adult websites

Setting Up an Adult Affiliate

Setting up an adult affiliate website

Touching up Makeup with Photoshop

makeup touchup in photoshop

Google Check Out Trends

google check out trends



How Google deals with Subdomains and Subdirectories

On subdomains & subdirectories.

What is a Robots.txt File?

robots.txt file, google bot, robots.txt

Are your Google AdWords Ads Costing You a Fortune?

google adwords cost, adwords, google advertising

Troubleshooting: How Search Engines Can Misunderstand Your Web Pages

Troubleshooting: how search engines can misunderstand your web pages

Launching an Adult Site: Marketing Advice for Adult Webmasters.

Every adult webmaster, at some point in time, has run themselves into circles trying to find good sources of adult traffic.


So you have finally decided to become an adult webmaster; Congratulations and Welcome! Before you start investing money into content, design, and ecommerce solutions, how can you protect yourself from doing it all for naught?

So You Want to Build an AVS Site?

Learn how an adult avs site is built and what an age verification and avs adult site are used for.

Account for Every Dollar: How To Choose Adult Merchant Providers

Oftentimes it may seem as if there is a different type of merchant account option for every type of online transaction. Learn how to choose the right one.

The 1% Difference: Taking Steps Towards Reducing Chargebacks

Cyndalie gives some insightful tips to reduce chargebacks from your business.

Optimal Billing Options: Breaking Down the Visa Situation

It was only 3 years ago when payment options began dwindling for adult businesses online. America Express pulled out, Visa and Mastercard put a clamp on “factoring” and began to more tightly regulate and restrict third party billing companies.

10 Things New Webmasters Should NEVER Do

Advice for new webmasters on what you should never do. Know the mistakes before you make them.

Beginners Guide to FTP

Learn on how to update your website via FTP

Learning About File Permissions And Chmoding Files In FTP

What exactly are file permissions? How do you CHMOD files on an ftp server? Get the answers here.

.htaccess - Its uses and more!

.htaccess is a special file you can upload to your web site to provide various types of protection for your web site. Note that no .htaccess based protection is truly secure.

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Beginners guide to SEO and Search Engine optimization. Learn the essential webmaster tips and tricks when getting started.

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