10 Things New Webmasters Should NEVER Do

By: , September 18, 2007 | Starting Tips For Webmasters

Advice for new webmasters on what you should never do. Know the mistakes before you make them.

By Logan of Lauren Sands and Lauren Sands Blog

1. Don't take everything you hear and read as a fact!
A. Do your homework, allot of people have great advice but it doesnt always mean its the best advice for you or your site. Get as many opinions as you can before making decisions!!

2. You Don't need to plan every last move.
A. It can be overwhelming at first to achieve success, Don't try and do it all over night. A business plan is good, but its easy to get dogma and over shoot yourself - Make simple easy goals for yourself and your site that are realistic. And then make them more and more adventurous as you gain experience.

3. Don't just go with the first Webhost you come across!
A. This is an important one, Allot of companies seem very legit, powerful, and cheap. only to find out down the line that its some guy with 1 dedicated server on his cable modem - Most companies are not going to be there for you when the shit hits the fan - take the extra time and research the host you plan on useing. Cheap is not always better - I suggest spending a little extra and getting a reliable server and service that will be there when you call them. Most companies want you to submit a support ticket - and it sucks ass when you need to fix something ASAP.

4. Do not over tax your Resources.
A. This one is hard for newbies to learn - i still struggle with it as I am a newbie too - When you create relationships with webmasters and other people in the business, its easy to want to try and soak up there brain, and get as much info out of them as possible. But its important not to make these people feel like your questions will never end. Try and findout as much as you can on your own befor dipping into your well of resource. You will be better informed when you do ask.

5. Don't expect magic
A. Great advice and paying someone to do something for your site is sometimes important for the new webmaster - but Don't expect someone to wave a magic wand over your site and make it blowup! Its easy to think that other people know the secrets that you Don't and want that - but the truth is if you Don't understand what they are doing to help you - you are setting yourself up for doing your whole business with blinders on and you will always need other people to do your important work for you. Learn what it is that a person is doing for you and try to make the work they did most effective by knowing what they did!!

6. Don't Banner farm
A. I rememeber at one point I got an email from someone saying they thought my site was " a little busy" when i looked at it i didnt really think so, but i cleaned it up anyway - If i look at that old version now - I realize what a banner farm i created - With things flashing and a million banners and such all over - these sites are the eye sore of the internet - And it never helps with traffic or sales - As a newbie its easy to think that you need this since so many sites are like that out there, but you Don't!! Pick a few programs and slowly rotate them in your SELECT few areas where you have this stuff. Keep your site clean !

7. Don't assume everyone is cool.
A. I am way too nice and I think everyone is just like me - unfortunately, not everyone is your friend in this business. And its very easy to to assume that people have your best interest at heart - Thank god there are places like AWHangout - Make sure you have some leg to stand on when it comes to who you listen to and work with - See # 8

8. Introductions Don't automatically mean trust
A. perfect example without going into details of names - I had a buddy who was in the business but only for a little bit - I had just started, and was dieing for traffic - I was told "Man you need to hook up with so and so, he is a traffic guru and expert and will bring you crazy traffic and dough. Well like rule # 5 - NOT.
Not only did they not bring traffic but i was left paying out a high percentage of my sales to someone for nothing. Lost $$ instead of made $$ because of loose trust.

9. Don't forget to wait!
A. HEED THESE WORDS - Ok you built a site, feel great about it, have been submitting to tgps, linklists, toplists, buying traffic, doing everything possible and still no traffic right? Well befor you think its all hopeless - wait. Befor you jump in bed with someone else because there is no traffic or sales - wait. Befor you give that 30-50% of your site to someone because your desperate for sales - WAIT. Let the work you have done take effect. I made the mistake of not waiting - and thought all my efforts were not working but they were. It just took a while - After i started paying someone to bring me traffic - i started to see all my traffic come pouring in - and the guy i was paying was trying to tell me -" look at all the traffic im bringing you" but it was all from my months of work prior to hooking up with him. Traffic and sales take time - build your sites followings yourself and WAIT.

10. Don't forget the details
A. Don't make the same mistake i did - I never thought it was a possibility that my girl would say " i Don't want to do this anymore, take it all down right now" but trust me one day you can be shooting ass to mouth craziness and the next day she can drop the bomb on you saying "this is not right" I was complete partners with my wife and she and I built a great site together where we had 5-8 signups a day, some days even more. I never saw it coming - randomly she picked up and left and wanted the site to come down that day. No matter how incredible the situation is and no matter who you are working with - make sure you disscuss the reality of logistics come time where she or you suddenly want to stop. Contracts are hard to use when its your wife, but you must work out something BEFOR starting to work!!!! You may think its never going to happen - But TRUST ME - Don't leave this area grey - know what is going to happen if that day comes.
I spent 6-8 months working 14 hr days for nothing ( except the honor of meeting and working with AWhangout )

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