How Adult Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing Works

By: , July 11, 2008 | Starting Tips For Webmasters

Find links to credit card billing processors and merchant accounts for adult websites

Acquiring an adult merchant account is not as complicated as it may seem. Most service oriented companies will gladly take a look at your site and needs and put together a solution that applies to your specific situation.

We recommend you do a little research first and try to find reputable companies with at least some long term history and customer base. As with any research, the best place to  start is at Google, do some searching for "adult merchant accounts", "adult credit card processing" and see who comes up. Also, check some of the adult resource sites and webmaster forums that discuss the topic as they are great place to get information on who's doing most of the processing and how good their service is. Here at AdultChamber, we've had over 10 years of experience and have partnered up with some of the most trusted names in the industry, so feel free to contact these companies and see what they can do for you.

There are two ways that adult merchant processing companies can handle your transactions. One is with a standard ecommerce merchant account. This kind of account is typically for more established sites or those with larger amounts of transactions or bigger budgets. It can sometimes be harder to get a merchant account as opposed to a third party billing solution. If your just getting started you may way to look at the third party solutions. Basically, with a merchant account you are the credit card processor. With third party billing there is a middle man between you and the customer, that is the third party billing processor.

Third party billing works a little differently in that a merchant processor will handle your transactions and merchant account for you while they take a cut from the total dollar amount of the transactions. This in essence also shields you from problems of dealing with customers one on one, fraud, chargebacks, and also frees you up to manage your site more efficiently.

Most adult websites that need credit card processing will use a third party billing solution. There are several reasons for this but the most frequent is the fact that adult transactions are of a higher risk than mainstream. Therefore it becomes much harder to get approval for a merchant account as opposed to a third party processing account. Adult transactions are easier to chargeback because there are no tangible goods being exchanged and processors have this moral assumption that since its an adult website, that there isn't any reason to embarass their customer so they will refund the amount without question.

The pros and cons of having a merchant account, as compared to a third party account are a few. You are more in control of the processing itself and therefore there are less expenses. The downside is that it requires more input and upkeep by you, and therefore adds to your workload. On the flipside, the pros of having a third party billing soution is the easy of use, hands off approach, and the credit card merchant will do all of the work of approving, accepting, and processing the orders for you. The cons are that the cost is much higher and you have little control over the billing process.

Here on we list only reputable companies who have proven track records so if yourin the market for an adult merchant account or a credit card billing solution, feel free to give them a look. If you'd like to submit your information to a trusted group of companies, then use our vendor contact form.

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