Adult Models Having a Tough Time in the Industry

By: , September 18, 2007 | General & Editorial Advice

Adult models, video performers,and dancers have reason to worry. Con artists, perverts, and stalkers may be encountered when trying to make an honest living. Written by Bill “Wild Bill” Slevin of

By Bill “Wild Bill” Slevin of | Reprint by permission from author only.

Whether you are an adult model, video performer, or exotic dancer, you have to worry almost every time you leave your house for a job. Con artists, perverts, and stalkers are just some of the people you might have to deal with when trying to make an honest living. More and more horror stories are coming from adult models after having encountered some of these people, while thinking they were going to a “legitimate” job assignment.

I have worked in the adult industry for years and I have many good friends who are adult models and have worked with many models myself. I hear these stories almost on a daily basis. This can be such a great industry to work in, and it is sad to see the problems everyone is having.

Just recently a friend of mine went to a photo shoot down in Miami for website content. When she got there everything seemed to be OK. By the time the filming started the producer had invited more and more of his friends over like it was some kind of free show. He also started to act very unprofessionally and was trying to convince her to do things that she did not feel comfortable with. Now, looking bad in front of all his friends he decided she was not what he was looking for and asked her to leave, paying her less then half of what was originally agreed upon. She of course had a friend with her, but it was another girl and they both felt a little threatened and outnumbered so they just took the money and went home.

The industry is really suffering and getting a bad name because of these unprofessional people. Producers have to understand that the models are people and they should be treated properly and with the utmost respect. It is not an easy job to be baring all in front of the camera, and without the models there would be no adult industry. Let’s see how easy it would be to create a website or a movie after you have scared all the models away and no one wants to work with you.

So how can you protect yourself from these people? Well, here are some tips when accepting a job:

· First thing to do when you receive a job is to ask around of other models and friends to see if anyone you know has worked with this producer in the past. You can even ask the producer for some references.

· Second, you should always bring a guy with you to the shoot, whether it is a boyfriend, husband, or friend. Never go alone, unless you have worked with the producer before and feel comfortable being there by yourself.

· When you get to the location go over the details of the job and make sure everything is what you agreed upon, including the payment.

· You shouldn’t sign any model releases before getting payment for your work. The reason for this is, there is a scam that has been around for a while where producers will make you sign the model release before the photo shoot and then complain that you did not perform what he wanted and not pay you. In this case you lose out, you have no money, but you have signed the release and he still has permission to use your photos. Make sure everything is complete before signing your rights away.

· You should also ask how the producer found you, as you want to make sure it was from a legitimate source and not just someone who found you from your website and wants to see you in person.

· Avoid anyone who says that they want to hire you but you must come to the shoot alone! A professional producer would not make you feel uncomfortable like this.

There are very few people in this industry that are willing to stick up for the models and voice their opinions, when they know and see what goes on. Mostly they just turn the other way and pretend they didn’t see anything. Here are some tips for producers who have been working with models and also for people new to the industry, who want to help improve it.

· Treat the model, and anyone who accompanies her to the shoot, with respect.

· Allow the model to bring whomever she wants to the shoot, in order to feel comfortable. Never tell her she has to come alone, as this can make her feel uncertain of your professionalism.

· Make them feel comfortable. A model who does not feel comfortable will not perform well.

· NEVER touch the model without her permission, this is just common sense.

· If your shoot is going to last a few hours, provide the model with something to eat and drink. They are people and they do get hungry and thirsty!

· Always explain to them up front what they will be doing, never just assume that they will do anything you ask them to. Do not try and push them into doing something they do not want to do.

· Do not invite all your friends over. This is a business, not a peep show! Let the model know who will be there during the shoot.

If you follow these simple rules you should gain great respect from the models and they will feel comfortable working with you in the future. Models do talk to each other and if everything goes well, they will have no problem giving another model a good recommendation about you.

For a while now, I have tried to think of ways to help make this industry a better and safer place for the models. This is why my partner and I have devoted a lot of time to developing a great site where models and producers can connect with each other for legitimate jobs. The site is and we offer many different services to both the models and the producers. The site has been up for a few months and we already have over 500 models and over 900 producers worldwide and we keep growing every day.

There are a few sites like ours out there, but what makes us different is that we care about the models and are here to help them. Our site is free from advertising and we do not promote anything except our services. We only charge a very small commission to help keep the site running. We have a very strict “no tolerance” policy. We ask our models to report back to us after they have completed a job and let us know how it went. If anyone reports any problems with a producer, we will investigate the complaint and if we find the producer to be unprofessional or disrespectful we blacklist them from the site, put a write-up about them on the site, and also send a notice to every member letting them know that they should consider this before working with them.

AdultxModels is fully password protected so that only models and producers that register with us are able to see the models’ profiles, which keeps out the people who are not in the industry. Also none of the models’ personal information, including their email addresses, are listed. All bookings are filtered through us first. We are currently redesigning the site and we will be offering even more features for everyone, which we feel will help improve the industry and help everyone find more jobs and feel safer in doing so.

If you are a model and need some advice, or perhaps want to see if we have any references about a producer, or to report a problem with someone, we are always here to help. Just contact us through the website at or email

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