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Although there are advantages to using message boards, IRC and real time chat applications, as well as webmaster radio and contests, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture when so many distractions and temptations exist.

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There are a number of ways that Adult Webmasters can interact and network with one another online. Although there are advantages to using message boards, IRC and real time chat applications, as well as webmaster radio and contests, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture when so many distractions and temptations exist.

Knowing the basic etiquette of webmaster interaction online can make you appear more professional and respectful of your peers, thereby increasing your reputation as someone with whom others will want to do business. But just as there are advantages there can be disadvantages and knowing what to look out for and what to avoid can give every newbie and experienced webmaster a competitive edge when it comes to time management and productive relationships with other webmasters.

Message Board Action
Message Boards and Webmaster Forums have been spreading like wildfire, diluting the professional webmaster resource marketplace that exists to share knowledge and promote personal growth. More and more often, the message boards end up as places to clone messages, making you appear as a “spammer” to the smaller boards and similarly when cross posting at the larger and more popular boards. How many different opinions do webmasters really need? How often are these shared opinions and knowledge put to use? And even more intriguing is the still large number of “lurkers”, or people who visit a board regularly but do no post.

With over 150 plus adult webmaster boards from which to choose, where you spend your time often defines the specific group of webmasters (I hate to say “clique”) with whom you will share information and most likely end up networking with at shows and gatherings.

Where to Post
The anatomy of a message board that deserves your time can be easily identified once you know what to look for. In most cases the board administrator and moderators will be the most informed and experienced, post frequently, and are usually well known for knowledge in one or more specific areas of the Adult Internet Industry.

Take a look at the number of members on the board, and if available, scroll through the list of members who post most frequently. Get to know them by viewing their profiles, should you end up in conversation with them. Also take a look at the total number of posts to the board and how long it has been in operation. Oftentimes if a board has been around awhile and you are considering posting a question, do a search for keywords related to your question to see if it has been answered or conversed about recently. Many times you can find the information you need via a search, faster than posting and waiting for replies.

Experienced webmasters tend to only post on boards that are visited by webmasters they know. These webmasters may have met at the adult Internet shows, or simply stayed on a board long enough to establish friendships during the sharing of knowledge. Although it is a good idea to maintain relationships with those webmasters you already interact with, it’s also a good idea to spread yourself around a bit. By getting to learn new people from different areas of the Adult Internet community, you can tap into new sources of information and money making opportunities. For example, although you may post most frequently at XBiz, don’t be afraid to get to know the people at Adult Chamber’s and at the YnotMasters Chat Boards. For webmasters, these professional boards may compete for your attention but would never force you to decide between one over another.

How to Post
If you are new to posting on boards, don’t be shy! Start a topic introducing yourself, such as on the AWHangout’s Webmaster Playground thread “Introduce Yourself”, or by starting your own thread. You will be surprised how the boards and their members warmly welcome new posters. Let people know who you are, what sites you have, your experience on the ‘net, your specialty (skills), and a little bit about yourself such as your history in the business. This is a polite way of letting others know you are there and what you do.

Use this opportunity to setup your signature file (sig file). Your sig file can be a very powerful tool for promotion, and the main reason why many webmasters post on the boards – free advertising. Here you can promote the company you work for or site you own, links to any webmaster programs you may run, or select a webmaster sponsor program with which you have had success. Use the sig file as an area of promotion by which you can either represent your company or make money by referring webmasters to your program of choice.

A Sig File should include a few primary elements. Start with a nice banner, typically 120x60, to represent the company you work for, or your website. Add your name, position, company and multiple ways to contact you which may include Email, ICQ, AIM, or phone number. Consider using a signature file for all your email communications in order to increase your visibility with webmasters.

There is a new program out for webmasters who wish to sell their signature file ad space called SigSwap gives webmasters 1 credit for every 2 times their exchanged signature file is viewed. Paying $1.00 for every 5,000 impressions, webmasters can either earn money or ad credits to get their banners more exposure in other shared sig file spaces. Exchanged spaces can be bought for those wishing to explore low cost advertising to adult webmasters.

Make sure to read the rules of each board for instructions pertaining to signature files, such as acceptable number of lines, banner sizes, and acceptable content.

Once your profile and signature is setup, be sure to consider certain elements of privacy. If you publicly post your email address, you are inviting spam. Consider linking your contact information in your signature to your board profile or your websites “Contact Us” page. Most message boards offer a mechanism for members to contact one another without revealing the members email address to the sender. This is designed to keep email harvesters from spamming board members and it’s a good idea to take advantage of it. Also consider things like your location settings. If you do not want to reveal your exact location, have some fun with this line! Rather than saying you live in “New York City” put “City that Never Sleeps” or whatever your creative mind can come up with.

Most boards allow the webmaster to use an 80x80 image, known as an Avatar. When selecting an Avatar there are a few questions you may want to ask yourself depending on your position in the industry. If you work for a company that caters to adult webmasters, or are well known in name, post your picture in your Avatar so others will recognize you at shows and gatherings. In such a faceless work environment, it feels good to be recognized by other members at trade shows. However, if you are a cam girl, want to hide your face and real name, or simply do not want to post a picture, again, have some fun! Put the logo of your best site, favorite cartoon character, or animal.

Finally, if you have any questions about acceptable use and conduct, contact the board administrator. If you are not sure where to post your press release or news, or wish to post an announcement on the main board rather than the “Spam” section, ask! You will be surprised how much leverage you can gain by simply being professional about it.

Some Things to Avoid
Try to avoid cross posting. Cross posting is when you post the same message on every topic of a message board. This not only makes other members mad, it can make board administrators very annoyed at you and in most cases they will delete all but one, leaving it not necessarily where you wanted it to reside. Also avoid starting duplicate threads about the same topic – consolidate your ideas into one main post and make the most of it.

Avoid spamming multiple boards. By copying and pasting your identical message on 10 boards you’ll make it harder on yourself trying to follow up the responses. Keep in mind that many webmasters visit multiple boards. This discourages them from responding to your post since this practice is known to be a breach in etiquette. Try rephrasing your question or announcement for each board or meld it to fit into existing threads that are still active and relevant to your post.

Finally, avoid extremely long posts. Use links in your post to your advantage. For example, if you wish to share an article or piece of news with other board members, introduce the article with the main points highlighted and linked to the article where members can read more about it. Copy and pasting copyrighted material without authorization is illegal, and long copy will discourage responses for those who do not have to time to read the entire piece. If something you find is post-worthy, do other members a favor by providing a brief summary and highlight the points of interest you wish to discuss.

Time Saving Tools
There are some new and highly effective tools now available to adult webmasters to help manage time when it comes to posting on message boards. Most notably is by Ron Kass. BoardTracker allows you to search over 60 top adult webmaster boards at once! Simply enter a keyword to search, such as your name to see if you have been mentioned, your company name for rumor control or to offer support or service to clients who may post for help, or any topic of interest such as “submitting to TGP’s” or “Visa”. BoardTracker also allows you to receive notices when certain keyword search terms are found, notices can be received by email or ICQ! BoardTracker requires a small registration free to access all features, but this time saving tool will earn you your money back within the first week!

Another board searching tool is provided at Newbies and experienced webmasters alike can learn more about BoardsScanner, articles, other software, news, etc. from the webmasters themselves at from as well as at and others.

Webmaster Radio
Taking the net by storm, adult internet radio is becoming more and more increasingly popular as they provide a place where webmasters can tune in, get on the air themselves, and interactively chat with one another during the show. To participate, all you need is Winamp/Windows Media Player and IRC, both free for download online. You will be provided with a link to access the audio. If you experience trouble simply right clicking on the link can “Copy Link Location” which you then add the location URL to your player. Oftentimes a Java based chat room hosted from your browser is available, but IRC includes more features and a stronger connection response time. Simply setup your preferences and add the domain name location (such as and then enter the provided group name designated by the show such as “#group”.

Webmaster Radio Shows are fun to participate in, highly informative, and webmasters are frequently provided special offers from guests of the show, such as contests for free sample products, special payout rates, free content, unique opportunities and much more! And since you can chat with the provider and show’s host directly in the room, you can get all your questions answered immediately and gain access to information and offers that are limited to only the listeners.

The advantages of spending a few hours per week on Webmaster Interaction and Networking greatly outweighs the disadvantages when you know what to look for and what to look out for, as well as how to utilize time saving tools and where to spend your time to find the best opportunities to grow your adult business online.

To view a comprehensive list of all adult message boards and Internet radio shows please visit

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