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By: , September 18, 2007 | Affiliate & Revenue Programs

Learn ways to identify and maintain the right affiliate program for your site. The President of provides some questions you can ask yourself to determine if your affiliate program is right for you.

By Marc Laffer, President of

Most WebMasters know their traffic and many decide to use it to make money through an affiliate program. It takes time to determine if an affiliate program is right for a site. It also takes time to sign-up & install the service. Hopes are high to make money and after all this is completed, the WebMaster tends to move on to other tasks.

If you're promoting your website and getting traffic, your site is much more than just a display on a computer screen; it's very valuable real estate! When you sign-up for an Affiliate Program, you are assigning space on your site in order to make money from the traffic you are spending time & money to generate. For this reason, it is imperative that you carefully review each and every affiliate program you have on your site. Your evaluations should occur at least every 6-8 months and not longer than once-a-year.

When an affiliate program is not making you money, it has a negative effect on your site. Lack of traffic indicates that your visitors are not interested in the program you are offering. Therefore, it should be replaced. If you are not receiving payments, that simply indicates one of two things. Either you are not generating the sign-ups for the program, or, the affiliate program company is not paying out what is owed to you. Either way, you should terminate the relationship with the affiliate program.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine if your affiliate program is right for you:

1. When was the last time you received a check?
2. How much was the payment?
3. Are you tracking the clickthroughs on the affiliate banner at your site and determining the sign-up ratio?

Jumping ship and changing affiliate programs is something you may have to do to find the program that is right for your site.

You can find reliable affiliate programs at our Affiliate Programs page for pay per sale and recurring adult revenue partnership programs.


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