Affiliate Program Review: PremiumCash

By: , April 16, 2008 | Affiliate & Revenue Programs

Affiliate Program Review: PremiumCash

Affiliate: PremiumCash Revenue Programs:

  • 50% Rev-Share - 50% of every initial membership along with 50% of all rebills for the lifetime of the membership
  • $35.00 per-Signup - Every sale you will earn you a non-recurring payment of $35.
  • 5% Webmasater Referral - For every Webmaster you refer to PremiumCash, you will earn the equivalent of 5% of his lifetime payouts.

Recommendation: PremiumCash gives you the ability to pick and choose the program you use on the fly. When promoting sites like, you would definitely want to go with the 50% rev-share, based upon her fanbase. As with any affiliate program that offers a webmaster referral, definitely put it to good use. If you're not familiar with how that works, its simple. Say someone signs up to PremiumCash's affiliate program via your link. For every dollar that this webmaster makes, you get 5%. As you can see, this can really add up if you're signing up 10, 20, 100 webmasters who are doing the work for you. Sales Tools: PremiumCash has some of the most flexible tools we've seen. They provide galleries of every site, with either pictures, videos, or both. They also provide banners for every site and allow you the flexibility to create your own banners. All of their galleries are hosted free of charge so you don't have to worry about that pesky bandwidth bandit. Half and full page ads are also available for each and every site. And to top off this expansive sales tool machine, they will send you an email when they have new FHG's (Free Hosted Galleries) Exclusive Performers: Jenna Haze Gina Lynn Jules Jordan Customer Service: Marie St. Eve is accessible via ICQ and email to assist you and help you get your affiliate site launched. Our experience with PremiumCash has been nothing short of fabulous. Too often in this industry, people think they can treat you inappropriately because of the nature of the product. Not so with PremiumCash, they understand that you are promoting their product and the more successful you are, the more successful they are. They really do go they extra mile to help out and answer any questions you have, and even offer suggestions on how to make your site Update Frequency: Weekly Marketing & Traffic Scoop: To maximize the exclusive girls, we would suggest investing some dollars in google adwords. Currently, there is only 1 affiliate spending money on the keyword Jenna Haze. What does this mean to you? That there is room for more competition and that adword bids are going to be dirt cheap. The smart webmaster would first try and cut their teeth with Jenna Haze, Gina Lynn, and Jules Jordan. Putting a lot of targeted keywords and content on the main page and throughout the site will allow you to leverage ranking over sites that are getting ranked solely on their names. The first step in designing an affiliate site is to look at what your competitors are doing. Sites:

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