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By: , April 18, 2008 | Affiliate & Revenue Programs

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Sign Up Process: Sign up was a breeze. There's no approval process so it only took about 10 minutes to get my verification email and I was on my way.

Linking Methods: They offer one of the better linking methods, via encrypted link text. Typically, you will see a link style, wherein "=username" is added to the link. Spiteful visitors will just remove the link because they believe that you shouldn't get paid for their porn viewing delights

Payout: 50.00, payments take 3 days to send out, shich is pretty quick.

Revenue Programs: 50-60% revenue share and 10% webmaster revenue share. $55 per join is available, but you have to email them to request it.


Behind Kink Butt Machine Boys Device Bondage
Free Hardcore Fucking Machines Hogtied
Kink Kink Forums Kink On Demand
Male Wank Men In Pain Real Fucking Couples
Sex and Submission The Training Of O TS Seduction
Ultimate Surrender Water Bondage Whipped Ass
Wired Pussy

Recommendation: With the popularity of the kink and fetish community, and the ability to offer weekly updates and weekly live shows, offers something you definitely do not see every day. Each video is of the highest quality and offers a refreshing alternative to the massive amount of "reality"porn that seems to be the trend nowadays. is an epic site and will always be extremely popular.

Sales Tools: Galleries, linking codes, and promotional videos are available for every site.

Exclusive Performers: none

Customer Service: Very quick response and a willingness to assist the webmaster.

Update Frequency: weekly

Marketing & Traffic Scoop: The smart webmaster would be wise to offer a landing page that showcases these sites plus a fetish toy store affiliate program such as extreme restraints or jt's stockroom. Typically, you would have a good conversion of visitors who see the videos that they always wanted to see, and then buy the products they saw in use. Remember, you can't have bondage without accessories. A quick google search for fucking machines, returned over 2 million hits. So you know people are interested.

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