Providing Anonymity Through Virtual Cash

By: , August 24, 2009 | General & Editorial Advice provides a paypal type payment solution for your adult website.

Despite the millions of people visiting adult websites on a daily basis, it still remains a social taboo for some consumers. So imagine how many people must have to hide their credit card bills from significant others to avoid those awkward questions about charges for adult content.


What if there was a way for your customer to buy adult content without the evidence showing up on the bill? And a way for operators to turn site visits into paying customers.


Ukash believes that opening up to the cash market and offering innovation in the way consumers are able to pay for content online will attract new customers and provide the privacy existing customers desire.


Ukash is an e-cash alternative payment solution, which is designed to enable easy, controlled and anonymous online cash payments for everyone from a rapidly expanding number of global locations. No financial details need ever be inputted.


Adult operators without alternative payment options are potentially losing out on ‘digitally nervous’ customers. They are put off by the need to submit personal financial information on adult sites and as a result abandon completion of transactions. Not to mention the billions of global consumers who are unbanked  or do not have access to a credit card that can be spent online.


With the changing needs of the consumers and the need for operators to increase their revenues, virtual cash is a global way forward for online entertainment. Proven success of the Ukash proposition in the online gambling sector, where anonymity is a preference, demonstrates how operators can benefit from access to a global cash market and drive incremental revenue to sites by growing their customer base. 


Delivering assured funds to operators with no chargebacks or fraud concerns, Ukash vouchers can be bought for amounts up to EUR500 in superstores, smaller shops, through ATMs and kiosks in 300,000 global locations and via bank transfer from online bank accounts in several countries..


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