Are You Bullish on Adult Internet?

By: , September 18, 2007 | General & Editorial Advice

How have the events of last year affected your adult business? Read the trials and triumphs of SobeGirl Content Provider and uncover some great possibilities! The worst of times can bring out your best efforts.

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It has been a long time since I sat in front of my trusty laptop and wrote an article. Sitting in a plane as I am now, gives me the time I otherwise would not have to extend my thoughts to you all. When I started producing adult videos I always thought that it would be my ticket to see the world. Travel to the most exotic places and shoot the most sexy models in the world.

Well, three years later I have chalked up some miles in the name of production but I can assure you it is not all the fun that I thought it would be. This time, instead of going to some far away land in South America or Eastern Europe, I decided to stay closer to home. Trying to do video shoots in countries with different languages, power supplies, and limited suppliers has so many challenges that I thought I would stay in the US for a change. So I am off to the Great Rocky Mountains for some Colorado Mountain high. Looking forward to seeing some Mid Western beauties and I am not just talking only about the girls. Being able to travel/produce and therefore get “free” trips is what I have always dreamed of. But due to that dreadful day September 11th and a variety of other economic issues It is taking a lot longer that I expected for this dream to come true.

Indeed after the terrorist attack in New York business just seemed to die. At that time for me, the Internet was sort of like a ghost town. Whereas during pre 9/11 I used to get 40 or 50 emails a day from customers or other interested parties I was now getting four or five. Shortly after that there was the dot com crash and then the rest of the stock market followed suit. Enron and a slew of other corporate shipwrecks reeked havoc on many of my potential customers fiscal budgetary planning. 401k funds disappearing and banks running for cover left many of us adult webmasters with little or no confidence in our economy for the immediate future. The few banks that did process adult pay site transactions were becoming more difficult to work with and one such bank I used called Amtrade was dissolved. As a result, just about all of my big buyers dried up. No more weekly emails from interested parties asking, “How much for everything?” No more batched orders submitted at the end of the day. My CD burner could have been called a CD chiller at that time, it was really sad.

At the same time, many of my bread and butter customers, typically a 22 year old zit faced computer geek who makes many movie galleries posts, just called it quits and threw in the towel. For them, conversions sucked, credit card companies were scrubbing harder and harder, leaving adult webmasters with less money than they were used to. It was getting more difficult for everyone and I knew I was not the only one suffering. I knew this because I started to get feedback from my competitors that business was slow. I found out from them that adult webmasters were no longer buying. Some content providers were even having trouble paying their bills. For the most part, all that was left in the wake of this mess were the big boys. Those Adult Webmaster Cash Programs that are either already in bed with long time established content providers or producing content of their own. It was disheartening for me to see many of those small webmasters that I came to know and help make money with the content that I produced tell me they are getting out of the business. The vision of freedom and independence one could gain from making money at home with an adult pay site was becoming increasingly elusive and difficult to attain.

Before this collapse I was selling some of my best content sets for around 200 dollars each. I got away with this for over a year and a half before the storm and did pretty well. Today I can hardly get half of that for some of today’s best work. With such a stellar first year and a half behind me it was a rude awakening to realize that times have changed and the party was over. Content sales were so slow that SoBeGirl was struggling to survive. I, like a lot of you at that time, was contemplating what I would do if SoBeGirl could no longer “bring home the bacon”. Of course I could go back to my previous career of Technical Writing. Hey, it was not that bad. I had my own cubicle, personal telephone, I got a one-hour lunch break and worked with people that generally speaking practiced good personal hygiene. How would I handle once again being confined to that 8 foot by 8 foot “cubicell” for 10 hours a day? God only knows.

Fortunately, I will not have to find out because through this difficult time I decided to take a chance. I decided to dig in and invest. It was a risky decision, deciding to spend thousands on new equipment to make my processes faster when revenue was at an all time low. I spent even more money producing new and better content even though I was not selling the content that I already had. My plan was to posses a huge content selection so that I could offer bigger and better content deals with the lowest prices adult webmasters have ever seen. I trained a young talented boy whom you all know as Senator Editor to process all this new content into finished products. I then perfected my purchase and delivery methods thus making it quicker and easier for Webmasters to get their new SoBeGirl content. Spending more and digging in was my plan for driving SoBeGirl through this challenging new market and to be totally kick’in ass when business came back. Today, over a year later and with 20/20 hindsight I can see that I made the correct decisions. I can tell you without a doubt that today adult webmasters are once again acting Bullish with regards to the future of Adult Internet and getting back into the ring. Nobody is happier than I am to see this happening.

So who benefits the most from these difficult times Adult Internet is facing? It is the same people who will benefits the most from SoBeGirl selling so many video content sets at such low prices? In the short run it is the Adult Webmaster reaping benefits the most. In the long run it will be me. Today, SoBeGirl has 200 different Amateur hardcore video virgins to choose from. All of them the same high quality SoBeGirl video you have come to know at the lowest prices Adult Webmasters have ever seen. Increasing efficiency and lowering adult video content prices are really just the first step in this Adult Content Provider’s genesis. In the future you can expect an all-new type of MPG file never seen before. They play at 688 pixels by 486 pixels and have a file size similar to the 320 pixel by 240 pixel that is considered standard today. And at prices as low as $14 dollars a content set, SoBeGirl is breaking new ground on what will be expected from video content providers in the future.

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