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By: , September 18, 2007 | Affiliate & Revenue Programs

It is not always easy to get traffic to your site. So when you do, you want to maximize the revenue opportunities per visitor.

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It is not always easy to get traffic to your site. So when you do, you want to maximize the revenue opportunities per visitor. If you are a pay-site owner this may involve swallowing a little pride and admitting that you either need to work on your site or pass the traffic to a site with higher conversion ratios to increase your chances of earning a profit. "If you build it, they will come" does not always apply. Although this is the "SEX" Business, it is still a business and like any business you have to work at it for it to be profitable. This involves paying attention to Industry trends and statistics. What is happening when a visitor enters your site? Where are they coming from and how long are they staying? What links are they clicking? Are they joining or surfing for free pictures? Even if you have poured your heart and soul into your site, if people aren't joining you aren't earning, and therefore you may need to try some affiliate programs.

Affiliate Programs like ARS, Silver Cash, Traffic Cash, PayServe, and Cash Clicks have proven they can convert traffic. They have invested money in sophisticated tracking systems knowing it will pay off because of their conversion ratios. They have studied their trends and statistics and finely tuned their sites to make them lean mean converting machines and you can reap the benefits. Some companies offer their affiliates world-class support, advice and tools through programs like "Maximize" offered by Gamma Entertainment. After all, your success is their success.

There's a multitude of AFFILIATE PROGRAMS for you to pass traffic to with the potential to earn incredible amounts of money. Just remember to stay focused. Study the trends and statistics of your own traffic and adjust your partnerships, link types, user navigation, and other aspects of your site as necessary. It may take some extra work, but it is a small price to pay for increased profits.

Another important reason adult webmasters should participate in Affiliate Programs is to maximize on the revenue opportunities created by reselling related products and services. Select products that will fulfill your customer's needs making your site a convenient "one stop shop" for everything sexy. These types of affiliate programs don't usually take away from possible membership sales because the primary goal of an adult surfer may be to get all the porn they could handle for $29.95. A secondary goal may be to buy either a sex toy or herbal stimulant to enhance the experience, or to join an adult personals community.

If you're a webmaster and you aren't offering your visitors or member's related products and services, than you aren't doing everything you could to serve your customer's needs and fulfill your profit potential. You can make good supplemental income with companies like, Private Entertainment, and

Herbal Promotions offers the #1 All-Natural Herbal Alternative to Viagra®, with a scientific formula PROVEN for both men and women. Read what people are saying about IMPULSARIA and offer your visitors something NEW!

Private Entertainment offers up to 20% commissions on one of the largest stock of Adult Toys, Videos, DVD's and Magazines, and Novelties found on the Internet. They even update their extensive product listings everyday and your customers can expect unbeatable prices! Don, Webmaster of Private Entertainment's Partner Program, says his average Partner converts 1 sale out of every 95 visitors, with the average sale being $65! offers commissions on your visitors/members who enjoy real time interaction with other surfers via an adult matchmaking database of 700,000+ active members, complete with pictures and profiles.

With such a variety of potentially money making sites, it truly comes down to how well your site can sell to the visitors who come through your site. Navigation is key and text links are becoming more effective than banners when used correctly. Rather than just having a page with banners, attempt to editorialize your site by offering reviews of products, affiliate sites, or announce new items found at your site. Once you feel your traffic out and filter it down by preference, the clicking turns to selling and the profits will begin to roll in. Get started today by trying out any of the excellent affiliate programs found listed at!

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