Getting Started in the Adult Content Profession Part 1

By: , September 18, 2007 | Content Tips

Anyone who has ever bought or sold adult content has learned some things the hard way. From a budding freelance photographer to becoming a full fledged content producer, Mat Waldie of has some lessons and tips for you.

Finding Models and the Pitfalls of Beauty

By Mat Waldie of | Reprint by permission of author only.

My name is Mat Waldie and I have recently started a site selling images that I have produced. I thought maybe you would all like to know how this works. It might give you some insight as to what and whom you might want to buy your adult content from in the future.

I own We launched the site in June of 2001 and since then we had some success in what most consider an extremely competitive area of the web porn business. Now, we did make ourselves real cheap, and I think that helps everyone, including our business. But I want to make sure that anyone who is starting their own content site knows that it's more luck than work in some respects.

About 2 years ago we started shooting. We were very naïve about how much competition there was and several content companies tried to take advantage of us. One thing I can tell you is that most content providers do not produce they're own material. They either have photographers they sub-contract or they find one of many freelance photographers wanting to sell their images.

Now, there isn't anything wrong with reselling images produces by someone. It's just something a lot of content providers won't admit too. So that is how we got started, we were hired by another content provider to provide images for resale and we did that for over a year. It didn't really do much more then pay the models we were shooting and give us some extra cash. So we planned on shooting models for own site. We now only produce images for our own site. That's just a little background on us at

3 Components of Good Content

The three components of a good content site are hard to achieve. There are several directions and decisions that can dictate how well it does. The first is, of course, the models.

You must decide what content you want to shoot, what content is selling, and sometimes, if you have the stomach to shoot that way. I firmly believe that content providers going into the business now without any experience make a mistake by not going niche specific. That means they start by shooting everything Gay and Straight as well as larger women, older women, bondage, transvestites and so on and so on. Most of the successful sites out there have a large customer base for these images; however, most new content providers want to take beautiful images of beautiful people. But unfortunately, there are way too many glamour photographers out there. These photographers charge a lot more for their images because they have more overhead, such as more expensive models. So we decided to stick with amateur style photos of real looking girls and guys and try to get as niche specific as we could find and handle. We still take some glamour sets, but that is not our main focus. Things like cheerleaders, BBW, mature, girl-girl, almost any sex acts, sell well.

Next is the design of your adult content retail web site. We had a site that did nothing at first. We priced our stuff too high, it was difficult to navigate, and we had no billing system. I think this is the easiest thing to mess up on. You want to be competitive, but your also want to make a profit so pricing is difficult. And if you go too cheap, your kind of stuck with it. It is a kind of put-off if your return customers come back to buy your new sets and they are more expensive then other sets they bought from you of the same quality. Navigation is a biggie. If your customer has to figure out how to buy, then you are not doing a good job at selling your product. Also, if you were a Webmaster of a pay-site or even a TGP poster then you have very little time to look. Time is money so make it as simple as possible. Two more things, make sure you have 2 Credit Card billing companies or payment systems. They all go down or have problems on occasion so at least you won't lose all your sales for the day if a problem does arise. And finally, customer service is the king. If you're buying content and can't talk, email, or ICQ the owner/manager if you have a problem then you will go elsewhere real fast. Customers like flexibility. Even if you can't do what they want right now, maybe you can later. And because you tried they will come back.

Lastly is advertising. This is very important when you have no funds or a limited budget to spend. My suggestion is make friends, to network within the industry. If you are making money then your customers are obviously making money. The other content companies may feel like they want to bring you down, but ignore them, and if one or two have good ideas than try it. There is a lot of money in this industry and one successful pay site could come by and buy everything you have repeatedly. They may even pay for every model. I think that most professionals in this industry longer then 2 or 3 months knows how much work it actually is. The same goes for selling adult content. Building a customer base is all-important.

Everything I talked about here is just a drop in the bucket. I will add to it as the months go by just help some make less mistakes than we did. For right now the last bit of advice I will give is to get to know your customer. The licenses from some content providers are outrageously intricate and full of exclusions. Let it go a bit. Liberalize your stance on things. Produce more content; don't make them buy the same sets over again for each of their sites. And for Gods sake let the free-site owners and TGP posters make some money. They keep coming back and buying 3-4.00 dollar sets to the point that they buy everything eventually.

Good Luck, and for all webmasters and future content producers I am here to help. Like I said, if you make more money so do I, so let's make some money!

Questions? Contact Mat Waldie at

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