Getting Started in the Adult Content Profession Part 2

By: , September 18, 2007 | Content Tips

Part 2 of Getting Started in the Adult Content Profession

Finding Models and the Pitfalls of Beauty

By Mat Waldie of | Reprint by permission of author only.

So you have decided to take pictures of naked women. Your wife or girlfriend is either non-existent, doesn't know, real secure (bi-sexual), or really money driven. Now that out of the way, you listened to my first article and know some of the things not to do. This time I will step you through one of the mysteries of mankind. How to get hot women to spread their pussy for you.

I know money makes the world go around. But they get in front of you and clam up. THEY WILL trust me. I will go through a typical shoot on another article, but before that I will give you some hints on what to do first, how to get girls, and how to know when it was a GOOD shoot for you.

Ok first off, you need to do research on how to shoot. If you are not a photographer and have little to no experience behind a camera then you need to shoot something else before you pay to shoot a model. Trust me, even if you want the most amateur looking images (which sell well for me) then you need to know how they are shot without making them too dark to fix - a color that looks unnatural. You will need to learn the angles that flatter the models. People look different in person than from behind the camera so keep that in mind! When you start to shoot you want consistency to be obvious throughout your content. This isn't easy and takes some knowledge to back up the money spent. Oh yeah, MONEY!!

Next, where you going to get the money to pay for 20-30 models so that you have enough content to make something? No I am not going to get into overhead and start up costs that is another article, this is about shooting, finding, and good results. I just wanted to touch on it. The models expect to get paid. I will leave it at that0 until next article.

Where to find a beauteous model for my experienced lens to develop amazing shots so lurid all sites shall come wanton to me. Ok, my last article was very specific; you want to shoot not just the beautiful girl but the "OK" ones as well. And remember good make-up can go a long way. This is where a girlfriend or wife who wants to be in on the money can help big-time. We have taken a few woofs and turned them into something special. But you don't always want that because sometimes the most interesting models sell the best. Notice I said interesting, like personality, get it? Before any webmistress's get upset, my wife also does the web design and a lot more. She is profoundly my partner in everything I do in business and out, no matter what. An amazing women, not bisexual, but definitely into making money, who I am lucky to know, let alone be with, for the rest of my life.

Strippers are obviously easy to shoot. But not so easy to get in the studio though. We recruit some from newspaper ads, but mostly strippers come from the strip joint. If you don't know the owner, than they can be hard/expensive to talk to. And when you do get them to say yes, GET THER NUMBER!!! They'll miss several appointments before they make it (if at all). You have to wait till they have a bad night money wise at their day/night job. But a stripper is an easy shoot. They have lots of outfits to strip out of, lots of sexual vigor and it looks good on camera BUT they are also usually too sexual. There is no "girl next door" left. You can't do anything but the sex vixen thing with them not believably innocent. Quite frankly, innocence sells. When you can get them it is good to get a few but they are best left to every now and then.

College girls are a JACK POT!! Usually "young" or "young looking". KEEP YOUR PAPERWORK CLEAN AND IN ORDER! I will get into why in another article as well. College newspapers are gold. Alternative press, found in most decent sized cities is another gold mine. You will get a lot of models from these publications. You will even get couples, coeds, hung studs, and licking lesbians. Are these types of girls gone?. They exist in droves! Every one of them wants a new experience and is willing to get paid to do it on camera. This is where we find models with the least effort. We also use business cards and recruit on a person-to-person basis. Use referral money. They have friends and friends who will do it. This is a real reliable way to have models show up and do well.

"I am SO nervous. A girl is coming to show me her pussy and I am going to take pictures of them. Oh I hope they get turned on and play with themselves." I hate to burst your bubble but you got a lot more to worry about then her pleasure and yours. This is money, honey, get focused. Know what shots and background you have and are going to take before she shows up. If she is the adventurous type but never done this before expect her jitters to fuel a wish not to do this all of a sudden. She isn't going to be real turned on for a while if at all. Your job is to get her comfortable, guide her, make her want to do what she said she wanted to do. That's why a pre-shoot interview is necessary. I do mine a couple of days before the shoot. It makes me sure she is doing this for the right reasons. I also have a questionnaire to fill out that gives me some knowledge on who she is and what she will do for me. This is how I can get the best out of a model. And still, after 2 years, I get a dud or 2 all the time.

Last thing, it is not as easy or as much of a turn on as you think. I can't stop thinking about money the whole shoot. Mostly getting the most and best images for the time I have with the models. I judge them most when I get back to the computer, load up Adobe Photoshop, and begin processing them. Then I know if they are real sexy, kind of sexy, or a dud. Then I minus the things that turn me on and add in the sales figures and I get my total winner or loser. The shoot lasts for a very short time, an hour or 2, but processing is a long arduous task that can take a few days or more depending on mistakes and experience. I think I must warn you, this is a job, A GOOD job but still more work then you are thinking it is. And you get out of it what you put into it.

Again these are my dumb-ass opinions of content producer whose life in the industry is marred by several mistakes, lots of miscues, and now I am telling you all what a fuckin' fool I really am. But what the hell, you might learn not to be me.

Take care all till next time. Again go by my site, I have good content for great prices, it won't hurt I promise.
Mat Waldie

Questions? Contact Mat Waldie at

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