INTERNEXT JANUARY 2003: How was it for you baby?

By: , September 18, 2007 | Industry Event Reviews

Attending Internext for the big boys is just another walk in the park, but what about the smaller players and individual webmasters attending?

By Totemack of TotemCash | Reprint by permission of author only.

Attending Internext for the big boys is just another walk in the park, but what about the smaller players and individual webmasters attending? For those of you who can remember exactly where you were and what you were doing on the nights of January the 6th, 7th and 8th, congratulations, you’re already doing ok! For the rest of you, try and keep up!

This year’s Internext in Vegas was a good show in terms of “places to go, people to see..” Networking and keeping up appearances was at a usual high for the show, and the mood was altogether pretty laid back.

As part of the TotemCash team and therefore among those who travelled furthest to be at this great event, I’ll be honest and say I preferred Miami, but that’s just my opinion. Jay from Ynotmasters already discussed in one of his issues last week some of the things that got to him at the show and I have to agree, there were a lot of things that were a bit of a pain. So before I get down to business, here’s my ten cents. I fell ill for two days (aw gee the poor guy!) because of the air conditioning in the center, am I alone? I mean, why do they feel the need to put it on maximum overdrive in January? Electric shocks from those nice carpets also played a part, as did overly loud music and running commentary from neighbouring booths, which meant the rest of us had to shout when talking to webmasters etc. It seems companies can literally do what they want at their booths these days. Next year I’m bringing my trained team of transvestite elephants and monkeys, is that cool?

But hey, I’m not here to moan and groan about what I didn’t like. I also wanted to talk about attending Internext as a strategic business decision for companies and independent webmasters alike. Ready? Then let’s begin…

Attending Internext is just another run of the mill, everyday decision for the big boys of this industry. The budget is there, they just need a bit of organization and hey presto they’ve got themselves another flashy twenty thousand dollar booth! You add that to the cost of a Tradeshow booth space, plus all the other transportation, promotional and on-site costs and we’re already talking tens of thousands of dollars easily. But that’s the name of the game in this business, if ye got it, ye gotta flaunt it!

So, all this is very nice for the major players of the industry, but what about the smaller companies and the individual webmasters who want to attend? The financial resources just aren’t there to allow a “heavyweight” presence at the show, so what do you do? How do you go about letting people know that your company is as professional, trust worthy and potentially profitable as that big gorilla brand on the banner rotating high above the show floor? Don’t panic, it’s not as hard as it seems!

First things first, be prepared! Get some cool looking business cards. This is pretty vital if you want the bigger fish to take you seriously, and again, just good common sense but I still met many card-less folks in Vegas. And collect as many cards as you can, take down some quick points on the back of each one so you’ll remember who that name is and what you said to them. And if you can get cards with your picture on them, even better!
I also personally feel that if you’re well dressed, female or at least neat and tidy, I’m more inclined to listen to you with some interest, but maybe that’s just me being choosy.

Time management:
give yourself enough time over the day or so you’re there to visit as many people as you can, or at least all those with whom you feel you can make some money with! Which brings me to my next point.

Talk to the right people: If your company or site has something going for it, like a new money-making idea that’s proven to work or a great service for a fair price then talk to those companies who’s activities and needs seem to match up with what you have to offer. Don’t waste your time talking with any dude who says he’ll make you a millionaire in a week with his cash program. Again it’s just common business sense!

Try and get invitations to parties: At most Vegas parties, there isn’t a lot of business deals being signed, sealed and delivered but that doesn’t mean you can’t chat and have fun with people you’re interested in doing business with. But with the free drinks flowing, try not to make too much of a fool of yourself, unless they do it first ;0) Finally: be friendly, interested but “aware” and don’t make promises you can’t keep!

Later people!
Article by Totemack of TotemCash.

TotemCash is the cash program for webmasters promoting VirtuaGirl, StripSaver and VirtuaGay among others. They offer a 50% partnership on signups and rebills and flat rate payouts and their unique products don’t canabalise other programs on your site. TotemCash have been in the adult online business since 1999 and their sites, especially VirtuaGirl are among the best known in the industry.

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