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We all know why search engine marketing is important. Plain and simple, it is the most cost effective way of drawing a large number of visitors to your site.

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We all know why search engine marketing is important.  Plain and simple, it is the most cost effective way of drawing a large number of visitors to your site.  Sure, optimization tricks may take some time to learn and tweak, but what it all comes down to is that if you are not submitting pages routinely, you are not doing any search engine marketing period.

Optimized pages are what I like to call "virtual real estate".  Your actual website is your property, but this additional real estate adds value to your entire business.  The goal is to have as many ways for viable traffic to enter your website as possible.   Optimized pages, incoming links, and other forms of promotion increase the chances of a user finding your site.  So, in addition to your online promotions (TGP, Pic posts, link trades, affiliate programs, adult search engine submission, etc), the opportunity to catch fresh traffic from the major search engines must become incorporated into your weekly marketing schedule.

Integrating SE Marketing into Current Promotions

Many webmasters complain that so much time is spent creating and maintaining TGP and Pic Post pages that no time is left for search engine work.  Look at it this way; any page you spend time creating should be optimized and submitted.  We're talking an extra 5 minutes of work per page, not hours.

Choose a theme for your page similar to the category you will submit it to (i.e. amateurs, lesbian, straight) and then < title > the page similar to what you would submit/suggest at the post (i.e. 15 Sexy Lesbian Group Sex Pics).  Re-arrange and repeat these keyword combinations as much as you can throughout the HTML of the page, including text links under images, meta tags, image alt tags, text title of the page in header format < H1 >.  There are several tricks you can integrate.  Add text links to all your properties, affiliate banners, or other related sites and copy the URL of the page you have completed to a notepad.  I have a note pad text file on every desktop of every computer I work on for multiple purposes.  If you have one, place it in there under the date and hold it until you are ready to submit.

Consider that by the time the page gets indexed, the page will most likely be long expired in the TGP or picture post you submitted it to.   Also consider bandwidth usage to leave all of those full sized click-able images on the page.  TGP2 helps bring down the maintenance and bandwidth issues of TGP type pages, so consider weighing your options between the two or maybe try both.  

Once you are aware of what TGP type pages have expired be sure to remove the full size image links and make all links to your desired traffic target.  Do not change the name of the page!  These pages are still optimized and waiting to be indexed by the search engines can now act as a doorway or promo page for your web site.  Those surfing free picture pages are looking for free porn, but when the traffic is derived from search engines, the potential member gets a fresh preview and an uninterrupted chance to join. 

Any time you spend creating, updating, or converting a page for promotional use for TGP, TGP2, Pic posts, or other purpose, consider spending that extra 5 minutes per page adding consistent keywords, relevant to each page, throughout the page in the form of text content.  Otherwise try creating up to 5 doorway pages per week for your site. Make the pages look like your site or entry page.  Include your logo and other necessary disclaimers so that the user feels they are entering your site rather than being re-directed.

Whether you are marketing your optimized home page, doorway pages, post pages, pages under sub-domains or other domains, you want to make sure you have tied/linked them all together as best you can, allowing the search engine to crawl as many pages as possible, as soon as possible.

Sticking to the Program

With search engines changing pace with one another, cycling algorithms, switching databases, changing the rules, and modifying policies and terms of use, I have found one common thread throughout the years.  I have one rule of thumb for submitting to search engines that hasn't failed me yet.  Submit no more than 2 pages per domain, per day to any engine. When possible, submit one URL of each domain with www and one without.  Submit pages as you create and upload them or save time by doing all of your submission at the end of the day or week.  Keep a log of date of submission for reference purposes.

So that is easy enough.  But what search engines and how often?  This is where a general breakdown becomes necessary.  It is important to have a basic education of what directories databases and "powered by" search engine are using.  Outlined below are the top priority search engines to submit to and a general reference to what sites they update to, are updated by, and other information on how to get "in".  Manual submission is key!

Google:  Google has become, inarguably, one of the top search engines on the Internet today.  Due to highly relevant results, speed of delivery, and banner-free interface, Google is a prime spot to focus your marketing efforts.  It is a true search engine based on relevancy, and density algorithms, and link popularity and currently offers the most traffic returns than any other 2 search engines combined.  Google powers Yahoo! Web Page Results. Submit at Google usually re-indexes toward the last weekend of each month, try to get submissions in 2 weeks prior to make the indexing.  Otherwise you can wait up 6-8 weeks for Google to get you indexed.  If your URL does not appear within 2 months, resubmit the page.

Excite:  You can submit to Excite for free at Call me old fashioned, as this engine begins it downward spiral toward bankruptcy, but submitting to Excite is still part of the routine until things do change.  Allow up to 3-4 months to get added.  Give'em a break, they're old timers.  Just don't expect too much traffic.  Resubmit if your URL does not appear after 90 days.

Altavista:  In an effort to thwart spam and automated submissions, Altavista requires you to type in a funky dynamically created code every 5 URL's you submit.  Recently added is the requirement of an email address.  Basic Submission is free at or you can pay per inclusion via InfoSpider for $39.00 per URL and $79.00 per adult related URL.  Indexing time averages 3-6 weeks.  Resubmit after 6 weeks if your page does not appear.

Lycos:  Submission to Lycos is free at  Expect 2-3 weeks before your page gets added to the index.  You cannot submit dynamic pages to Lycos or URLs that contain symbols such as ?, =, %, and others.  Lycos seems to give pages that have "matured" in the engine more relevancy than newer pages, but ranking is not impossible.  Lycos pulls description directly from the Meta Tags so be sure to include keyword targets there.  Resubmit if your URL does not appear within 4-6 weeks.

Fast/AllTheWebA partner with Lycos, is said to power Lycos in part.  Submitting to the engine is very important as this database engine may take on more popularity as a Google competitor and begin powering more search engines in the future.  Submission is fast, easy, and free at Inclusion happens usually within 2-3 weeks so resubmit after 4 weeks if your URL does not appear. is currently working on a pay per inclusion program so get those submissions in soon.

HotBotHotBot is part of the TerraLycos family and maintains it own web page version of its database.  Sites that are indexed in the directory version of HotBot (powered by tend to appear before the web page results.  Submit your pages to HotBot free at  HotBot provides a good amount of information regarding how it indexes pages at  Expect to wait 1-2 months to be indexed.  Resubmit after 90 days if your page does not appear.

Yahoo!:  Yahoo! is by far the largest directory on the Internet.  To get in you must pay the $600.00 inclusion fee for adult sites.  You can get a good return from the Yahoo! Web Page results powered by Google, so again, focus your efforts on Google to get a good, free, return from Yahoo!

DMOZ.OrgOpen Directory Project is the largest human edited database run by volunteer editors.  Like Google, it is a banner free portal.  ODP provides RDF "data dumps" that is a service to other directories to provide them with the ODP database.  DMOZ.Org is the site to submit to the root of all directories and engines powered by it.   Sites that are powered, or in part, by the Open Directory Project are:  AOL Search, Netscape Search, HotBot Directory, AskJeeves, Google Directory, Lycos Directory, and many more.  Submit to the root of them all at

LookSmart:  Look Smart doesn't necessarily mean Is Smart.  This directory tries and tries but people just don't seem to find value in using this engine for adult search purposes, or in the value of submitting to it for the $299.00 Express Inclusion fee. But no worries, my adult webmaster friends, they don't accept adult sites anyway.  Save your money for Yahoo!. 

Information subject to change and opinions subject to differ. Update information taken from common knowledge in the field and public statements by entities. Find this guide online at searcheng.htm

The most common way to find out if your pages are indexed is to type in your domain name in the search box.  Then select "See more results from this site", "Contains the Term", "More Results From", or similar link below listing.  Keeping a file of what dates you submit which URL's to will help you identify which URL's need to be resubmitted and when.  Rather than focusing on resubmitting pages though, it is more important to focus on creating new optimized pages for keyword ranking or promotional use and submitting them to keep a fresh cycle of pages in the engines year round to cover algorithm changes. 

By making marketing a habit, you increase your chances of pulling fresh traffic from the engines year round by creating new 'real estate', as well as slowing developing your optimization and internet marketing skills that make any webmaster stronger, and inevitably, more successful. 

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