How to Maximize Your Pay Per Click Campaign or PPC Basics

By: , September 18, 2007 | Affiliate & Revenue Programs

Unless you pay an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service, establishing and maintaining listings on traditional search engines requires a serious investment in time and energy. PPC search engines eliminate all of that: the advertiser chooses the keywords

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What is a Pay Per Click Search Engine?

Like other search engines, a Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine displays results for specific queries. The key difference between PPC search engines and traditional search engines is how results are collected and ranked. Traditional search engines use spiders, bots and algorithms to find the most relevant web pages. PPC search engines take advantage of free market forces; sellers (advertisers) pay every time a surfer clicks on their listing. The amount the advertiser pays determines the listings rank.

Unless you pay a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service, establishing and maintaining listings on traditional search engines requires a serious investment in time and energy. Traditional search engines are valuable source of traffic and should be part of your promotional strategy. PPC search engines eliminate a lot of that work: the advertiser chooses the keywords associated with his listing and determines the price paid for that listing. Additionally, the listings go up immediately – no need to wait for re-ranking.

Understanding the Math

The math is simple. If you make more than you spend… continue the program.

Cost Per Click (CPC) x Clicks Per Conversion = Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

You profit when the CPA you pay is less than your payout per customer.

For example:

CPC = $0.03<br>
Conversion Ratio 1:500<br>
Revenue per sign-up = $40

$0.03 per click x 500 clicks = $15 CPA

$40 (Revenue) - $15 (CPA) = $25 (Profit)

Title and Description

Title and description are your chance to separate yourself from the pack, so be creative! Ask yourself, “What would intrigue me as a buyer?” An eye catching title and description will increase the amount of traffic your listing receives. Make sure you let the surfer know what he’s clicking-thru to. Be honest about what you’re offering, this will weed out any uninterested surfers. Given that your goal is to drive as many people to your site as possible at ‘X’ CPC (see math above), it’s worth your time to be thoughtful and creative.


It’s important that the keywords you choose accurately represent your site’s offering. In fact, most PPC search engines review each listing to make sure that your site is relevantly targeted. When choosing keywords think like a surfer. General keywords (like porn, sex, xxx, etc.) generate lots of clicks, but cover many different types of sites. Target your keywords as tightly as possible. That’s not to say that general keyword don’t convert, but you need to test them to find out.


Finding success on pay per click search engines is not easy. Matching sites, keywords, and descriptions requires testing and constant monitoring. Once you hit upon a successful formula, all you have to do is turn the flood gates open and watch your cash roll in. The only way to find that successful formula is through rigorous testing.

Remember, testing requires time and a bit of money; don’t get frustrated if your first campaign is not a raging success. You’ll get there, and you’ll make back all the money you put in to get there, and more! will MATCH 25% of your first deposit!

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