A New Approach to SEO for Adult Webmasters

By: , September 18, 2007 | Marketing & Design Articles

A New Approach To Seo For Adult Webmasters Search Engine Optimization & Link Building

A New Approach To Seo For Adult Webmasters Search Engine Optimization & Link Building

By Rob Hoover of WeDid.com


This article is for 'Newbie SEO' and 'Veteran SEO' people.


For the Newbie, 'SEO' Search Engine Optimization advertising is an online advertising model whereby the advertiser creates pages to be indexed by search engines. Then, Search Engine Submission is the next step to ensure your pages are indexed by the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization TIPS!

  • Pick Your Target Keywords
  • Position Your Keywords
  • Have Relevant Content
  • Avoid Search Engine Stumbling Blocks
  • Have HTML links
  • Frames can kill
  • Say No To Search Engine Spamming
  • Submit Your Key Pages
  • Verify And Maintain Your Listing
  • Build Relevant Inbound Links

Search Engine Optimization In a nutshell you should Look for the keywords with the lowest Supply and highest Demand. Before creating pages.

I am confident your search engine positioning will increase with some research like a keyword assessment by targeting your most popular and least competitive keywords.

Supply ( Competitiveness ) - the number of sites which a search engine (e.g. Altavista, Google, etc.) displays when you search for that keyword using exact match search, that is with "quotes" surrounding the term. Rather than those web sites returned when entering the phrase only partially, that is without quotes.

Demand ( Popularity ) - The demand figured is the number of views in a month for that particular phrase as calculated by the Overture Suggestion Tool.

I have developed an Effective Index based on the logic of the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) calculation that accounts for the Supply and Demand.

Below here is the Hardcore 'SEO', for veteran's and savvy SEO experts.

First, do some market research and discover the best 100 targeted keywords ( lowest Supply and highest Demand ).

Take the 100 keywords and make 11 groups with 10 keywords in each group.


Group 1. "adult porn", "adult sex", "adult movie" ONLY 10 keywords.. related to each other in each group.

Group 2. 10 keywords related to each other

Etc.. 11 groups total.

group 1, links to each keyword related to each group.


group 1 'HUB' links to group 2
group 1 'HUB' links to group 3
group 1 'HUB' links to group 4
group 1 'HUB' links to group 5

group 1 'HUB' links to group 6
group 1'HUB' links to group 7

Never link to group 1 from any group site !!

Now that you have your keywords and linking map, assign each group a separate domain, keyword related. All domains must be on a different c-class IP addresses. (different hosts work best)

NOW your ready to create your content rich pages.

Create an article related to each keyword on a separate webpage. on each page write a 400 word min. article related to the page keyword. Do not repeat your keyword more then 7 times in the article.

When creating your article's make sure to include pictures, meta, title, head, h1, h2 etc.. correct 'seo' format.

NOW you should have 11 sites with some great content. Let's get them into google and yahoo quick, also increase our page rank in the process.

Buy 110 links from text link brokers all with page rank between 3 and 6.


group 1 'HUB' gets 10 links in.
group 2 gets 10 links in.
group 3 gets 10 links in.
group 4 gets 10 links in.
Keep creating more - different articles, images, domains, ip's, etc..

Y our seo will be well on it's way up ;-) Fast.


Rob Hoover

Global Search Engine Partners

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