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The mobile market is undisputedly becoming an integral part of the marketing mix and for many marketers presents abundant opportunities to reach consumers. As adoption of mobile internet continues to increase, so do consumer’s expectations...

Mobile marketing is undisputedly becoming an integral part of the marketing mix and for many marketers it presents abundant opportunities to reach consumers.  As adoption of mobile internet continues to increase, so do consumer’s expectations related to device performance and interaction.

Prior to launching the mobile journey for your product or service, it is beneficial to evaluate what promotional strategies would be the most effective in order to deliver a mobile experience that will ultimately unlock new and deeper customer relationships that turn into long-term revenue generators.

Key factors to consider when marketing to mobile users are their constant mobility and the small size of mobile screens.  Considering the above, marketing messages need to be short and precise, navigation on landing pages simple and effortless, and loading time fast and effective, in order to attract users’ attention.

If you are a webmaster and have already noticed that more and more visitors are accessing your website via a mobile device, it’s time to start thinking about the mobile experience you want to deliver. Instead of frustrating your mobile visitors by making them browse your desktop site on mobile phone, make them happy by providing exactly what they want in that very moment – easy to use mobile optimized content.

The simplest and quickest solution to send mobile traffic from desktop page to mobile optimized site is by using an auto-detect and redirect script that will identify mobile users and automatically redirect them to a predefined mobile site. Although the user is not guaranteed to be offered identical content to desktop, the experience will be relevant and satisfying for the mobile environment. Conversions or subscriptions in the redirect script scenario average at 1%.  Needless to say, webmasters bear zero risk or cost when implementing this option, which can prove extremely successful for monetization of mobile traffic.

Another convenient method for effective utilization of your mobile visitors is a white label. This solution offers the opportunity to drive traffic to a mobile optimized site with your own content and brand specifications, such as logo, colors, etc., backed with sophisticated white label software. The user gets exactly what he was looking for at the first place, accessing the desired content optimized for viewing on mobile. Conversion rates are comparatively higher compared to desktop web, averaging at around 1.5%.

When it comes to promotional opportunities for increasing exposure on mobile, the principles are similar to those used in traditional internet; however there are some unique methods only applicable in mobile environment.  Advertising on mobile display generally takes two major forms: graphic banners or text ads delivered on the device itself (within a mobile Web browser or some other phone-based application). Animated or static banners are usually combined with a text tagline to emphasize the clickable character of the ad unit and increase the click through rates.  It is standard to test a variety of banner creatives as well as multiple landing pages to easily determine what works best and what is the most successful in converting mobile surfers into paying subscribers.

Based on my experience, mobile campaigns typically see better response and click-through rates, compared to traditional online advertising. I believe it can be attributed to the novelty effect of interested users, relative absence of clutter on mobile screens, and unrivalled privacy of a mobile device (especially valued in the case of adult content).

In addition to banner or text link advertising on mobile, SMS (or even MMS) ads is one of the most efficient forms of mobile marketing activities when it comes to targeting. Virtually every mobile phone supports SMS, creating an omnipresent market for SMS-based ad campaigns. Alternative communication methods such as SMS PINs, WAPpush, coupons or barcodes for redemption, are also often used in combination with SMS, facilitating consumer interaction.

I, personally, have a really positive experience with SMS advertising, including sending relevant, targeted messages to an opt-in database of mobile users selected on clearly defined criteria.    Response rates often climb up to 6%, making the SMS based promotions highly profitable.

Mobile is a truly exciting platform to launch your marketing endeavors, and especially adult entertainment sector has still a huge potential for growth. Existence of smart phones has definitely contributed to the expansion of video content on mobile and I would like encourage you to tap into the mobile landscape and leverage the many benefits of the channel.


Publisher: René Pour
Company: First Mobile Cash
Website: http://www.FirstMobileCash.com
Email: rene.pour@firstmobileaffiliate.com

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