Pay Per View: The Future Is Here - Part 3 – Customers by XonDemand

By: , September 18, 2007 | Content Tips

Part 3: Customers are the most important attribute to a successful website, and with PPV it may even boost customers.

By XonDemand

Part 1 - The Webmaster | Part 2 - Studios and DRM

Webmasters are important to spread the word about new technology and without studios there would no content to offer, but ultimately it is the customer is who everyone is trying to please. While so much time in the adult industry is spent working on the big things, we often need to take a step back and put ourselves into the mind of the customer who doesn't always think the same as those in the industry. In the final part of this discussion about pay per view, we will think, act, and behave like a customer and see why they stand to gain from video on demand websites. Because ultimately, their happiness equals your success!

The biggest challenge is convincing customers that pay per view is the future of porn is getting them to try it. As we've discussed in the first two parts of this article, the benefits of pay per view porn are more than you first realize. So let's back up a little bit and remind ourselves of the reasons we want our potential customers to make sure they are aware of. One of the most obvious reasons that video on demand sites like XonDemand (, are the way to go is the sheer variety of the movies available. Adult video stores were the traditional way to enjoy porn until the Internet and pay per view came along. Not that long ago, you had to hope someone would drive to the closest porn shop, find your movie, and commit to either renting or buying it.

With the current high prices for gasoline, unless you have a store right nearby, the cost in gas alone could be more than the cost to even rent a movie. This is another added expense that makes renting less affordable than it first seems. Plus, like it or not, porn is still not accepted in all communities, and some people are just too embarrassed or afraid to actually walk into a store to make an adult purchase. With pay per view sites, the fear is removed. Your purchases are kept to yourself and it doesn't matter if you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or anything else. No one will judge your purchases and you never have to worry about being spotted in the parking lot walking out with a stack full of XXX DVDs in your hands.

Besides not having to go anywhere to buy the videos, pay per view sites aren't limited to storage space like a retailer is. In other words, they can carry almost an unlimited amount of titles at any given time. Take a look at XonDemand (, . as of this writing they have over 25,000 titles on their site, with new movies being added all the time.

So if its new releases, classic titles, or hard to locate specialty niche films, they are all waiting, all the time. That's another thing. Some of the less traditional films might not be stocked by your typical adult video store because they don't have a wide enough audience. On a pay per view site such as XonDemand, they try to cater to virtually all interests and allow you to explore new genres and areas you might not have otherwise even known existed. Plus, pay per view sites are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. So no matter when you get the desire to watch an adult video, you know it will be waiting.

But what about the cost? Surely all this convenience comes at a price right? Well, we'd be lying if we said it was free, after all it is called pay per view. But we aren't kidding when we say it can be as cheap as 8 cents a minute! First, there are no monthly membership fees. You can join a pay per view site like XonDemand and stay a customer as long as you like. But you will only be billed when you make a purchase. When you are a member, you have a choice of several different time packages to select from. You can buy as little as 15 minutes or as much as 1000! It's completely up to you. But the minutes never expire, so the more you buy at once, the cheaper it becomes in the big picture. So if you think you will be using it a lot, it is better to buy a larger time package and work with that, rather than buying smaller bundles all the time. Unlike a traditional form of renting a video, with pay per view you only pay for what you actually watch! Hey, most porn movies are 90 minutes or more, but often times you don't want or need to see the entire video. So why pay for it if you aren't going to watch it all. Maybe a certain star you love is only in once scene, so with pay per view you can just watch that scene and that is all you are charged for. You are billed by the minute, not by the film! So you can also jump around to a ton of movies until you find something you really like. Sometimes a box cover can be misleading and you might think you are buying one thing, but when you go to watch it, it ends up not being what you were hoping for. With pay per view that isn't a concern because if you watch a minute or two and are not pleased, just move along to another title and you didn't have to spend a fortune to find out the hard way that you didn't care for it.

Here's something else not everyone thinks about, but is certainly something to consider. With pay per view porn, once you watch it, it is gone from your PC. There are no DVDs left lying around the house, or no traces of porn on your hard drive since you aren't actually downloading the content. Because let's face it, not everyone who watches porn does it in view of others and sometimes wants it kept private. Video on demand allows you that luxury so no one else but yourself ever has to know what you decide to enjoy. Its just another reason pay per view is more and more attractive to people!

But with so much porn in one place, customers might be wondering how they will find what they are looking for? Not a problem. In the case of XonDemand (, they have wisely addressed this need with an amazing amount of organization of their content. The entire site is divided into different screening rooms for straight, gay, lesbian, fetish, and voyeur videos. Within each pay per view screening room are logical sub-categories to help you quickly and easily find the specific sort of hardcore excitement you are seeking. You can instantly filter out other content and just find straight black porn, gay twink porn, or fetish midget porn for examples. In addition you can search for a favorite star, studio, director, or any keyword you want. So now you will spend less time searching and more time watching! And that's what it really comes down to. If a site is easy to navigate, free from ads and pop-ups, and very organized, customers will have a pleasant time and be more willing to become repeat buyers.

So the bottom line in all this has been that to succeed, you need to think of all the advantages pay per view sites offer the customer. You already know why as webmasters or studios pay per view makes sense, and now you should be able to fill in the gaps as to why the customer will be unable to resist video on demand as well. Pay per view has made watching adult movies cheaper, faster, and easier than ever before! There has never been a better time to get on board with a pay per view website. The future is here. now!

Part 1 - The Webmaster
Part 2 - Studios and DRM
Part 3 - Customers

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