Pay Per View: The Future Is Here - Part 2 – Studios and DRM by XonDemand

By: , September 18, 2007 | Content Tips

Part 2: How studios and DRM play a part in PPV.

By XonDemand

Part 1 - The Webmaster | Part 3 - Customers

We've already spent a great deal of time talking about why pay per view is the future for webmasters, but what about the studios themselves? Well to put it simply, studios have many great reasons for adding a pay per view theater to their websites as a great way to add additional revenue to their business model. The content is already shot, so why not make it available to as many potential customers as possible. The VHS market is dead, and while DVDs are still popular today, not everyone can afford to purchase full length movies all the time. With a pay per view model, customers still get to see your incredible movies and you still get to collect extra income from them at the same time!

So, if as a studio you are looking to partner with a pay per view company that will work with your needs, you need to check out what a pay per company such as XonDemand has to offer! When you give your content to another company you have to make sure they can be trusted and that is understandable. After all, your movies are your business and you only want to offer them to companies that will treat them with the importance they deserve. When you deal with a pay per view operation like XonDemand (, you have nothing to worry about. Studios have two exciting options to enter the world of video on demand. By choosing one (or both) you stand to gain additional income on a regular basis from all your existing and future content!

The first pay per view option is to add what is known as a custom, co-branded video on demand theater to your website. This option works well for studios that really promote their websites to their customers and generate a lot of traffic for people looking to access your videos. Now they can receive instant gratification by being able to see your movies on demand right from your site. The site is highly customizable to the look and feel of your existing pages, so if a customer clicks the link, they feel like they are still part of your site. But you get to control what content appears on the site. This is an especially appealing option for studios that have a lot of niche movies. If you link customers to only a specific type of content that they are looking for, you've made it that much easier for them be found. Easy to access content is more likely to be purchased!

But let's say you don't have your own thriving website. No problem. The other option for a studio to get into the world of pay per view is by allowing a VOD company like XonDemand to stream their content on their site. But before you tape up a box of DVDs and mail them out, lets explain how the process works and once you see how simple and effective it is, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner! After content arrives, it is quickly entered into XonDemand's extensive database of videos, currently with over 25,000 titles and growing daily. Most titles appear live on the site in a few weeks or less. So your new releases can actually be considered new releases. And your classic titles can have a second life as well with a video on demand website. In addition the site offers several customer friendly benefits including daily free preview clips and the ability to give 15 minutes free time for first time users. But you might be more interested to know that 80% of the customers from XonDemand come back and purchase multiple times. And approximately one out of every 150 people who click on the site makes a purchase! With a generous pay out structure and extensive business reports, it is quick and easy to manage your business interests and track your commissions.

It is also very important to protect your content. You don't want to be shipping your videos and not knowing what might happen to the content. That is a valid concern that pay per view companies like XonDemand (, have also considered and have addressed. DRM is Digital Rights Management for copyright protection for videos streamed on-line. Simply put, when customers stream your content on a pay per view site, your content is protected. The movies are streamed in real time as it arrives over the Internet. No content is stored on the customer's computer, so there is nothing left for them to download once they are done viewing your films. This pay per view method of streaming videos places the control in the hands of the user. They can pause, fast forward, rewind and jump all around your movie, and are only charged for the time they spend watching. As more and more Internet users switch to broadband access, screaming content in a pay per view structure becomes more and more appealing.

So studios, lets review why you really need to get on board with the pay per view model as an additional way to market your movies. Its simple, you already have the content, so why not maximize its potential. This new technology has quickly proven to be cost effective and it's only gaining in popularity with each passing day as more people discover it. Technology changes and to remain successful, you have to go with the flow, or be left in the dust. It's up to you ultimately as a studio to make the best business decisions, but pay per view is here and isn't going away anytime soon!

Part 1 - The Webmaster
Part 2 - Studios and DRM
Part 3 - Customers

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