Pay Per View: The Future Is Here - Part 1 - The Webmaster

By: , September 18, 2007 | Content Tips

Part 1: Tips for the webmaster getting into implementing PPV in their site.

By XonDemand

Part 2 - Studios and DRM | Part 3 - Customers

Think about it. if you give someone what they want, when they want it, they will return again and again, right? This philosophy almost seems too simple to work. Yet, that basic level of customer focus makes sense in business. As an adult webmaster you are looking to maintain your business. One way to do that is to offer your customers the latest and greatest advancements when it comes to the Internet. And one of the fastest growing areas is the very exciting world of adult pay per view. You want to give your customers the best of the best, because when they are happy, you are happy! By linking to one of the best pay per view sites available like XonDemand (, you will change the way your customers view adult movies over the Internet. Pay per view has been gaining in popularity for the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down. XonDemand, along with several other pay per view video on demand websites all offer any great tools for webmaster's benefit. In part one of this three part discussion about pay per view, we will look at how as webmasters, you can maximize your profits and satisfy your customers all at the same time!

But before we get ahead of ourselves, you might be asking yourself, just what is pay per view? Well. it is pretty much just what it sounds like! With pay per view (often referred to as just PPV) websites, users can access an unbelievable amount of adult movies, and watch as much as they want, whenever they desire. With PPV, the customer is really in charge! They are billed by the minute, rather than paying upfront for an entire movie. This ends up being a more affordable, more satisfying, and more profitable venture for the webmaster as well. One of the great advantages of pay per view websites is being able to customize what you as a webmaster will offer your customers. Pay per view sites like XonDemand (, realize no two adult websites look alike so why should your pay per view theaters all look the same? Well, they don't have to! And it couldn't be easier or faster to create your own, money making video on demand theater.

All the tools are already in place that you need to customize your site with a pay per view theater. You simply start by selecting the content that caters to your user's tastes and interests. Pick a little or a lot, you know your customers best, so you should be in charge of the big decisions. Next, upload a logo or banner and coordinate the colors to match with your existing scheme so it seems as seamless as possible! Finally, add a link to your website and you are done. Just like that, you have now introduced your users to pay per view and they will really appreciate your work (if you can call it work, it's quite simple to do!) Here's something else to think about. Ever been in a supermarket and they hand you a little free sample of something to taste? Well do you often think. wow that was pretty good, I think I'll buy a larger portion now that I got to try it out for free? That same analogy applies to pay per view websites. Why not offer a potential new customer a free taste of your content and get them hooked. Then, once they see how great pay per view is, they'll be more eager to shell out some cash to continue the experience. For example, XonDemand gives webmasters the opportunity to give their users 15 minutes of free time to test out the website with no obligation. But once they see that there are literally over 25,000 video on demand titles just waiting for them to enjoy, they will quickly be purchasing minutes on the site!

Here's something else to consider about pay per view. It's the old theory that if you tell two friends something and they each tell two friends something, eventually you get your message out there faster than you could have done if you tried doing it all by yourself. Well, pay per view sites like XonDemand (, want to reward you for helping spread the word about what they offer. As a webmaster, you can actually get paid for your other webmaster referrals. So if you like what you see when it comes to video on demand, tell your fellow webmasters. It's a win-win situation for all! Just as no two people are like, no two people's interests in adult videos will be the same either. So thanks to the magic of pay per view sites, webmasters can now get paid for linking to hosted movie galleries.

What is a hosted movie gallery? Glad you asked. A hosted movie gallery is a specially created page where you determine the subject matter from the thousands of pay per view movies available. Each gallery will feature free movie clips of steamy action hand selected to appeal to a specific interest. By clicking on a box cover, the viewers can pay to see the entire movie. With hosted galleries, sites like XonDemand do all the work, you just cash the checks. What could be easier than that? Still not convinced your users will like video on demand? If you don't want to give them 15 free minutes, you can still let them preview it with some carefully put together free movie clips. Again, people like something for nothing, so free one-click movie previews are another simple yet effective way to introduce new users to the world of pay per view who might not yet be convinced it is for them. Once you download a pay per view movie console to your website you can customize it to your viewer's interests and these clips are an important part of the console. The screening rooms can also be changed at any time to keep your site looking fresh and inviting! And don't forget about good old fashioned advertising to attract new customers and make even more money.

There are two ways to promote pay per view on your site. Check out what a well placed, eye-catching banner ad can do for you. In the case of XonDemand, they offer ads in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit all of your needs. Easy to download to your site, these banners are quite attention getting and highly effective. A more subtle, but also useful tool is text links. Let's face it; while the banner ads are pretty, we accept that some people have been trained to ignore them. Text links provide a more subtle way to reach your audience. Regardless of which method or methods you choose to promote pay per view, the end result is the same: you will be paid a handsome commission from XonDemand (, for the life of that customer!

We hope webmasters have been convinced by now to give pay per view a try. You see how easy it is and how versatile it can become to fit the needs of your users. This is the future of adult videos. Gone are the days of running to the store to rent a movie and hope you get it back in time to avoid late fees. With pay per view technology, customers are going to realize what a great product is available to them and as webmasters you should be able to profit from this as well!

Part 1 - The Webmaster
Part 2 - Studios and DRM
Part 3 - Customers

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