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You’ve built your first adult site. You have a few pages of soft-core or teaser, galleries and now you want to keep them coming back, and hopefully, make some money out of your visitors while they wander around your site and do all of this with as little e

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You’ve built your first adult site. You have a few pages of soft-core or teaser, galleries and now you want to keep them coming back, and hopefully, make some money out of your visitors while they wander around your site and do all of this with as little effort as possible.

There are Affiliate programs, such as Adult Toys and Adult Search Directories, where you send your hard-earned surfers to another site – and hope they buy something on that site.

However, the LAST thing you want to do is send your visitors away from your site. You need cheap – preferably free -- filler content. So what can you add to Your site to make money, with as little effort on your part as possible?

How about Adult Videos?
The cheapest and easiest way to put high-quality adult videos on your website is to plug-in a ready-made, ready-to-use, no-maintenance, Pay-Per-View video theater.

Advantages of a Pay-Per-View Theater
Free Filler Content: Most Video hosts offer the theaters for no fee. You get a coded link to affix anywhere you like on your site. You can attach it to a banner at the bottom of every page or text-link it to your doorway page to send traffic directly into your theater.

Plug and Play: Add a coded link to your site and there you have it! Most PPV hosts supply a ready-made theater where you can choose the type and genre of videos. The best companies offer a Theater Template system that allows more advanced webmasters to change the color scheme and add personal banners. This option brands the theater to their individual site and links the theater back to the home site. The visitor never leaves the webmaster’s site.

No Maintenance: Once the theater is attached to your site, the video host does all the work; you just collect the checks. As a rule, most video hosts add movies regularly. Good companies change the video selection in their theaters on at least, a monthly basis.

What to look for in a Video Content Host:
Not all Pay-per-View affiliate sites are created equal -- choose your video host Wisely!

Variety: What kind and how many videos do they offer? If you are looking for purely Gay or strictly Niche content, then you need to know what kind of ‘Video Package’ you can get. Are they prepackaged sets of one kind of videos or can you pick and choose the individual genres?

Playing Format: Are the videos formatted as MPEGs or video streams? Can the videos be played in Real or Windows or both? Do they have to be played only while online, or can your customers get them by direct, high-speed download and play them at their leisure?

Additional Features: What else is offered to your customers on your theater storefront? Will your theater have Video Reviews, Porn star biographies and galleries? How about a viewer Wish List and a place to comment on the movies the viewers have watched?

-, - - Adult Entertainment Broadcasting Network, is the original Pay-Per-View provider on the Internet. They were the first content provider to offer full-length, adult videos in a Pay-Per-Minute format. AEBN has gathered over 18,000 top-quality videos representing over 800 studios - literally the largest and broadest selection of adult videos available from one provider. AEBN also offers premium direct feed video streams from over 180 select studios with a range of over 80 niche specialties. AEBN is the only Direct Feed content provider that actually changes the streaming videos that they offer every month - with sneak peeks available for the next month’s selections.

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