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By: , July 9, 2008 | Affiliate & Revenue Programs

Get information on how to promote adult dating and romance sites with white label affiliate program.

With over 20 million people visiting at least one online dating site a month and with over 70,000 stumbling across at least one adult site per week, the projected revenue to be generated from this billion-dollar industry is astounding.

So if this is the case, why are more people not tapping into this online market?

Perhaps because setting up any form of adult, dating or romance site is very timely and certainly very costly – especially when you consider that you need a comprehensive and very solid platform to succeed in the first place… not to mention a site builder, site maintenance, customer services, accounts and a niche market before you can even begin to think about developing a brand that will sell.

And even if you do get this far, you still need to produce (out of thin air) a database of members that will help you drum up a trusted reputation and ensure that the general public not only believes in your product, but is willing to hand over their hard-earned cash to actually subscribe to your service month-after-month.

When looking at it from this angle, it seems that getting a dating site off the ground from scratch is quite simply one gigantic and nearly impossible feat!

However, this is not strictly true. The last decade has seen the rise of a number of bespoke white label dating providers which essentially take the headache and hassle out of creating a site of this nature. Providing complete platforms to enable online marketing-savvy individuals to set up and operate dating services at the touch of a button, many white label affiliate programs promise great revenue share schemes to the likes of webmasters, bloggers, online entrepreneurs and marketers.

Michael Fitzgerald, director of Bone Fish Ltd, the world's first-ever white label dating provider with an affiliate base of 14,000 and 3.7 million members, feels that: "Right now, white label programs are by far the fastest, simplest and most effective way to enter today's dating industry – an industry that is moving forward in great leaps and bounds. Because not only do affiliates need very little technical experience (as companies like Bone Fish Ltd actually do all the hard work for them), but they need virtually no infrastructure to operate neither.

"For those that are new to this concept, white label providers basically give you their backbone to help you create your own brand at the click of a mouse. What's more, in some cases such as with us, you can even fully-integrate a dating or adult service into an existing brand, which enables you to actually keep your own already-established identity. In return, all you have to do is promote your site to the rest of the world and keep a watch out for the wads that are finding their way into your pockets."

So perhaps setting up a romance or adult site is simple after all.Well, it is when creating it alongside a trusted provider. Because this is certainly the fastest way for webmasters (and the like) to explore this lucrative online field and to discover the vast financial potential that the adult and romance sectors currently have on offer.

"It really is worth signing up to a dating affiliate program because with no real set up costs – (for example with Bone Fish Ltd) – and generally very high commissions, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Just think about it: not only are white label schemes the way forward, but they're the only real way to make a definite date with success."

This article has been provided by Bone Fish Ltd:
For more information on how white label programs or dating affiliate schemes work, email: Or, for an overview of the actual Bone Fish program, check out

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