The QWEBEC Experience - August 25-27, 2006

By: , September 18, 2007 | Industry Event Reviews

After traveling to Montreal from South Florida to attend the QWEBEC Expo, and spending three days at the event, I have some insight to share…

By Marc Laffer / President of

After traveling to Montreal from South Florida to attend the QWEBEC Expo, and spending three days at the event, I have some insight to share…

This was the 3rd year for the show. supported the QWEBEC Expo from day one, and gladly so.  For each of the 3 years the show has grown, to the delight of everyone who attended, from the webmaster to the exhibitor.  So, what makes QWEBEC special?  What makes it different from the others?  Was anything really gained?

Michael P., the CEO and convention organizer, is one of the nicest guys you will meet in your lifetime.  Michael made sure everything functioned as planned and to know him is to have a friend. 

The hotel property was second to none. The Marriott in downtown Montreal has everything under one roof, from fine restaurants, to upscale shopping.  If you had time to break away in the morning hours, a walk through beautiful downtown Montreal was no further than just outside the hotel. This is clearly a perfect location for an industry event.

Everyone who attended this show had the chance to spend quality time with some of the top industry professionals.  Company owners and staff were there to get to know both the webmaster attendees and to spend time with some of their clients. This is not a typical show where you meet lots of people for just a few passing minutes each and take back little more than face-to-face hellos… This is a show where you enjoy spending time getting to know the company owners and the other webmasters.  Both the newbie and the experienced webmaster interact with equal comfort.  No one is made to feel uncomfortable since everyone seems to openly admit they are there to learn.  And learning is exactly what they did.  The panels of professionals that held the seminars kept them to the point while answering all questions that arose; all being done in a timely manner so as not to bore anyone.

A special thanks has to go to the people at for providing the upscale Lunch on the 36th floor, both conference days, with a spectacular view of the city of Montreal.  Patrizia from TopBucks made sure everyone was personally invited to this wonderful dining experience where everyone was together to exchange ideas while breaking bread together.

The last night of the show had everyone in the hotel’s bar/theater. Bob Rice did a great job not only entertaining everyone while MCing the Best Adult Awards (BAA) show, he brought people on stage, introduced everyone to the group, and made the awards show an event not to be missed. Everyone should know that by the time the BAA show occurred on the last night, everyone knew everyone and when winners were announced, you felt close to them and you truly wished them well and shared in their pride.

I only wish that everyone had the chance to share time with people like Charlie and John from, Steve Rigney from the popular affiliate program at, and the two guys who put their hearts into their unique content offerings from To spend time with Nancy from discussing their very successful program while sharing in her warmth, laughter and hospitality would have made the trip worthwhile all by itself.

Should you plan to attend next August? All I can say is, I personally got to know some people I really wanted to meet and I learned some of the finer unspoken ways of communicating and doing business in our unique community.  Suffice it to say, WE’LL BE THERE next August!  And, we’ll be there for good reason. The people who attend are super friendly and willing to share knowledge.  The people that attend seem to want to see everyone they meet succeed and are willing to lend a hand.  And, by attending you learn things you really cannot truly understand unless you are in the heart of the action, meeting the people who are influential and who seem to affect the new directions taken by the adult internet market.  For example, everyone knows that live video today is a hot business opportunity but did you really know that Mark Prince and his entire staff are totally focused on releasing ver. 2.0 for, a version that may very likely become the new standard to which other companies will compete. At the expo the 2Much girls were great fun but meeting Mark and his staff brought you to understand how much work they are doing for the soon to be released new version of their very popular product. 

Some of the other people and services were Cindy from, David from the very well-known and professionally run, Johnny from and of course Derek from, a guy who knows the business like few others.

There were so many people I could mention here that meeting is nothing short of truly understanding the adult internet arena where we all do business.  My advice is, if you really want to do business with some of the top people and companies, you’ll meet them personally at the QWEBEC expo.

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