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By: , September 18, 2007 | Marketing & Design Articles

Getting your paysite reviewed can have advantages whether the final outcome is positive or negative. If positive you can gain a steady influx of high converting visitors that have practically decided to join before getting to your site.

By Rabbits Reviews.com

Consumers flooded by choice from the burgeoning competition in the Online Adult Entertainment Industry evolve quickly into business-savvy surfers who understand how the industry works. Being listed top in search results isn't enough, surfers want quality not just quantity or successful branding. Separating your paysite from the rest is about making it the best that it can be. Feedback is the key to knowing what needs to improve. Most surfers will let cancelled subscriptions or a lack of return visits speak for themselves. You have to know what is broken before you can fix it.

Rabbits Reviews offers your company a chance to get valuable information about what spells a hit and what is amiss with your paysite, while at the same time securing even more visitors and new subscribers. The benefits are twofold. First, you learn what to improve and how best to retain existing customers. Secondly, even without input of suggestions, your paysite will see an almost immediate increase in traffic and new subscribers. If you choose to implement some of the ideas and tips presented by your review, rest assured most paysites are eligible for a reassessed review about every six months to a year.

A positive review speaks for itself, your paysite is on the right track and surfers know what it has to offer. Nothing entices surfers more than a third-party recommendation of your paysite. Nevertheless, you have nothing to lose, since even negative reviews besides providing important constructive criticism will still generate new customers. Some of the lowest rated paysites on Rabbits Reviews have still seen remarkable gains in new subscriber numbers. Customers who know what to expect spend confidently and experience greater satisfaction from their purchases. A clearly defined product image helps bridge the inevitable trust gap existing between surfers and paysites.

If you would like your paysite to benefit from being listed on Rabbits Reviews, we do have some basic criteria to meet before the screening process can begin.

  • You must have an affiliate program.
  • We appreciate if your paysite can reciprocate with a link to RabbitsReviews.com, which you can later change to a direct link to your specific review upon its completion. Posting an objective opinion about your content will further reinforce the benefits of joining your site for your visitors.
  • We suggest providing explanatory information about your paysite to help facilitate the review process. Although, we remain objective we do like to work together with paysites to present content accurately and to ensure nothing is overlooked.

If you're committed to improving the quality of your product and are looking to expand your adult empire, spend some time putting together a package to send to Rabbits Reviews. We do maintain a certain minimal standard in paysite content for our surfers. However, even if your paysite is not at the top of its game yet, we can help get it there while attracting new subscribers, almost from day one.

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