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By: , September 18, 2007 | General & Editorial Advice

Lopix takes on the sex vs. death challenge and talks about how sex and death sites just do not mix. Is this type content harmful and is selling tickets to customers who are willing to "pay to watch people die" or be mutilated really something we want our i

By Lopix for Porn Profit | Reprint by authors permission only.

With the recent launch of another "death" site, it got me thinking about societal taboos. It seems strange how some people see porn, or even just simple nudity and openness towards sex, as being wrong and something that should be banned or kept away from the eyes of the masses. Yet, it seems that many of the same people have no problem with sites that show pictures and video of people dying and being mutilated. What have we come to, when a naked person is worse than a disemboweled one?

I hear people saying that it is all about curiosity, both porn and death sites. I am not so sure I agree with that. Curiosity may drive people to look twice at the car accident they pass on their drive to work, or it may drive a boy to look at his dad's Playboy mags. But I can't see a site that charges money for monthly access to all the human degradation you can stomach is catering to curiosity.

Porn is driven by the simple fact that people get horny. We have been a randy bunch since the dawn of time. Look at all of us, we all got here for a reason. And if we take the whole of the sex industry, from hookers to Hugh Hefner, it all exists to satisfy a craving innate in all of us. On the flip side, I do not agree that graphic depiction's of people dying in horrible ways fulfills any sort of need.

There are arguments that people are looking at this stuff to learn about death, to make them appreciate life more, etc. Hogwash. It is a sick voyeuristic thrill they get from watching some terrible happen to someone else. Would they want to watch video footage of one of their friends or family being run over by a train? Doubt it.

As a part of life, death cannot be avoided, and it must be explained to our children in the same way that we try to educate them about sex. But there is a difference, in that sex is a little more natural and not quite as frightening to children. There is the ongoing debate of sex Ed in schools, when to start and what to teach. It should really start with parents, though, they need to explain it to their children and make them understand that it is natural and not dirty. How many children grow into confused adults because their parents taught them that nudity and sex were bad.

But when we teach our children, or our schools get into the act, neither we nor they show them hardcore porn movies as a way of learning. So to say that these death movies are a teaching tool is totally false. To explain it is one thing, to show someone's head being blown off is a little different. Many parents have gone through the difficult times when a child's pet dies, having to explain to them what has gone on. It is hard for them to grasp, but it is an easier introduction than horrible imagery. Children begin to develop a sense of death, and if we can show them that it is not horrible, but natural, then they will not be afraid and have nightmares.

Sure, there are movies and video games and books that contain seriously violent material. But I think most people know the difference between real and make-believe. Even children, once they hit a certain age, they know what is real and what is not. And before they reach that age, they should not be shown anything terribly violent anyway. So I cannot see a reason for these types of sites to exist, never mind the self-defeating purpose of charging money for access to them.

It is not even really a moral or ethical decision per se, it is, to me, common decency. Why should people, in their final moments of ultimate vulnerability, be shown for profit to the drooling masses so that they can get a chuckle out of it. I sincerely doubt that people will PAY just because they are curious, or to learn something. The people who will be paying for this stuff are those scary meatheads out there who get a thrill by watching some poor bastard's guts fall out in full Technicolor glory.

While I may get slagged for making some sort of artificial moral judgment, someone somewhere does need to make such judgments, to keep society from slipping into complete anarchy. Rules and laws exist for a reason, as do our unwritten moral codes. This is what makes kiddie porn wrong - if someone did not stand up at some point in history and say that it was wrong, then we might all be turning a blind eye to it today. In ancient Greece, for example, it was accepted practice for the elite to use little boys as sex toys. If it was okay then, why is it not okay now? Because society found standards and decided that it is as morally and ethically repugnant as it truly is.

And those that say "if you don't like, don't buy it" are completely missing the point. The point is not that I, for one, don't like it, it is simply that this sort of imagery is truly sick. There are a lot of bad and sick people out there and giving them access to this is almost encouraging them. I would venture far enough to say that this type of content might go far towards making people who are sick to begin with feel justified in their thoughts.

If someone is having sick fantasies about killing people, seeing the live results of these thought somewhat condones and encourages their thinking. Will it lead to people acting out their ideas? Maybe not, no more so than Doom-type video games or Judas Priest songs cause people to kill. But, would we ever even know? What if the police, while investigating the background of a mass murdered, find out that he had a subscription to a site like that? Did it make him do? We would never know unless it was admitted. But it would sure create a link that would be hard to ignore and almost impossible to excuse.

As for "don't watch", fine, I am not into S/M or midget sex, so I don't watch. But people are not dying or getting maimed and mutilated and that is a pretty wide difference. Yes, there have been and likely will continue to be problems even in our own industry, with unwilling participants and vile rape and violent sex sites. But I think (and I dearly hope) that anything like that is still in the vast minority.

But how long until Bumfights-type stuff gets real? What if someone died for real because of that type of film making? What if someone sees a camera, in whatever country during whatever riot and decides to kill the person they were just going to beat, simply because they know it will make good viewing for paying customers?

Sure, those are stretches, but what if? And in the end, it is still morally repugnant to make money off the suffering of others. Blood money indeed.

Lopix is a Porn Profit webmaster and contributing writer for and Xbiz.

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