So You Want to Build an AVS Site?

By: , September 18, 2007 | Starting Tips For Webmasters

Learn how an adult avs site is built and what an age verification and avs adult site are used for.

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AVS is the acronym for Adult Verification System. Using an AVS (such as AccessForLIfe or FreeNetPass) to protect your site will bring constant fresh traffic and multiple ways to profit. By using an AVS and not showing nudity or vulgar language on the tour will protect your site from being viewed by minors. If you're looking for the legal edge or worried about minors viewing your site, an AVS is your answer. To build an AVS site you’ll be building a tour and a members section. The more sites you make the faster you’ll be able to construct sites. For those that have little experience with AVS sites, this article will explain the basics of building a site protected by an AVS.

Free Net Pass AVS

Making money from selling the AVS
First you have the tour. The tour should be clean to focus on selling the site. You can focus on selling the AVS, the specific person your site features, or the niche. Two or three page tours seem to work best. They don’t take too much time to make and they are effective. If you’re building a two page tour, the first page would have the title and some juicy keyword rich text. Put an “Enter <site title>” or “Continue into <site title>” The next page could have 1-3 sample images or no sample images at all. Again this would have some nice text about what you’re selling. The important part of the last page is to make it a clincher. You have the AVS script on that page, but above the script you could use some text and a text link. For a lifetime AVS you could say “Click here for your LIFETIME membership!” substituting “lifetime” with “free”, “instant”, “unlimited”, or text that would fit the AVS you’re using. Making this text link big (H2 or +6) would pull more clicks. On this page you could also say something similar to “With your membership you get access to my site, and thousands of other naughty nurse sites! New sites are added daily” Now you’ve focused on selling the nurse niche, but on the last tour page they now know that when they gain access to your site they gain access to the system of sites.

Making money from the AVS traffic
Next you have the members section. This section could consist of a members’ main page with links to the galleries, or it could be just a gallery itself with no main page. If you’re good at making TGP galleries, then you should consider just using a gallery as the members section. The members section will be seen daily by the current AVS members and this is how you’ll profit on the inside. With a regular AVS site you’re giving them a taste of something they really want. The galleries on the site could consist of nurse images, and then you’ll have ads on the members section going to a nurse fetish sponsor. Using some catchy text, or text + banner, will pull more clicks to your sponsor: “Are you ready for the full physical? Click here to drop your drawers and get ready to cough!” The benefit of having a main page and links to the galleries is you will have the opportunity to show more sponsor ads. The benefit of having your members section only consist of a 20 picture gallery with 2 ads is you save time and it’s more direct.

To sum it up, you’ll make money from the new traffic coming to the site’s tour by selling the AVS, and you’ll make money on the inside by up-selling your sponsors to current AVS members. It’s a win win situation! Good luck with building your AVS sites, and if you have any questions you can feel free to e-mail me:

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