Launching an Adult Site: Marketing Advice for Adult Webmasters.

By: , September 18, 2007 | Starting Tips For Webmasters

Every adult webmaster, at some point in time, has run themselves into circles trying to find good sources of adult traffic.

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Every adult webmaster, at some point in time, has run themselves into circles trying to find good sources of adult traffic. Many have emptied their bankrolls hoping that a financial investment will provide long-term returns of steady profit. Abandoned adult sites, once begun with enthusiasm, end up as promotional domains for affiliate programs, or a means to push traffic for any kind of profit.

Where do webmasters turn? How do you test a product, idea, or market before investing time, talent, and money on a potentially profit generating idea? Unlike Internet marketing for online businesses, adult site marketing is a numbers game. Surfers are twice as active with actual buyers representing a small percentage of the traffic, keeping hit to sign-up ratios low. The reality is, you need three times the amount of traffic to turn a profit - so where do you start?

Search Engine Marketing was the first pioneer and best source for clean xxx traffic. The truth today is, with the saturation of adult sites and pages in the engines, high ranking for top keywords becomes more time consuming and expensive than the actual return. Many search engine spam techniques which are necessary for maximum gains often backfire when detected by the engines, resulting in a ban of the domain. This short-term marketing effort typically does not stand the test of time and more often than not results in an initial return of profits with nowhere to turn. Methods of search engine spamming may include using a large number of "promotional domain names" and filling them with doorway pages for individual keyword ranking. "Spoofing", "Cloaking", or "Bridging" is a way to detect a search engine spider by IP address and serving it a dynamically generated page designed to rank for that particular engine. This may work for a while, but it’s not a long-term and profitable means of driving traffic. Once these methods are detected by the search engine, you can try redirecting the pages, but ultimately the game is over.

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