VOD is Video On Demand Part 3: Customers

By: , September 18, 2007 | Content Tips

Part 3 - Studios & DRM: Gone are the days of having to spend big bucks to just rent or buy one movie.

Part 1 - The Webmaster | Part 2 - Studios and DRM

By XonDemand

In the first two parts of this discussion we looked at the reasons Video on Demand is the way of the future for webmasters, affiliates, and studios. But let’s be honest, no one will make a dime if not for the customer. All we do in this industry is centered on attracting, reaching, and maintaining the customer. So it is very important to take ourselves out of the loop a little, and think like a customer for a few minutes. If we understand how customers can benefit from VOD, ultimately everyone wins!
Most customers know that in life you get what you pay for, so shouldn’t they only have to pay for what they get? As mentioned above, Video on Demand porn is still relatively new, so a lot of users may not even be aware that this is an option for them to enjoy. A lot of adult entertainment fans may still think the only way they can watch their favorite movies is by shelling out big bucks for a single VHS or DVD movie at a time. But those days are long behind as the internet has made watching XXX movies cheaper, faster, and easier than ever before. When looking to watch porn on-line, there are several ways to get off, but not all types of porn websites are created equally. Let’s remind our customers why Video on Demand really is the wave of the future and all the benefits they will enjoy by visiting one of the many VOD sites out there. Since it is impossible to compare them all, let’s look at one specific VOD sight, XonDemand.

For starters, XonDemand currently has over 25,000 pay per view videos on their site waiting for customers to watch at any moment. That alone should tell you they are serious about what they do and why this method of watching adult movies is already superior to going to a store to rent a movie. What brick and mortar adult video store carries over 25,000 titles at once, and always has every title in stock? None do! With so many movies, how will someone find what they want? Well, VOD sites have thought of this too and made it fast and easy to get to what you want as quickly as possible. In the case of XonDemand, they have organized all their video on demand porn into five main areas: straight, gay, lesbian, fetish, and voyeur. Within each category are different screening rooms and logical sub-categories to help customers quickly and easily find the specific sort of hardcore excitement they are looking for. So, for example if someone only want to see straight black porn, or gay twink porn, or fetish midget porn, they can instantly filter out everything else with one click of the mouse. They can also enjoy their favorite porn star’s videos using the handy search tools on the site. Regardless of who or what you are into, there is a real good chance you’ll be able to find it at a big VOD site like XonDemand. It is always waiting for customers. No more having to rush to a store before it closes to avoid late fees. VOD sites are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And a satisfied customer tends to be a recurring customer. If you make it easy for them to get to what they want, and offer them a nearly endless supply of content, they will have no reason to look elsewhere and ultimately the webmasters and studios win.

And it is a piece of cake to get started too. All a customer needs to do is sign up for a free account. That’s right, a free account, just another one of the great advantages of Video on Demand. A VOD website won’t charge you a membership fee every month, so if you stop using it, nothing more is charged to your account. The customer decides what they want to spend, and when they want to spend it. There are also no recurring fees. They start by pre-purchasing a package of time, from as little as 15 minutes to as much as 1000 minutes. The more they buy, the better the price per minute, so that also encourages larger sales. If they like it, they can purchase again, if not, they will never be billed again. But even with all this, some people are still hesitant.

However, unlike a traditional form of renting a video where you pay up front for the entire movie, with adult video on demand sites, a customer only pays for the amount of time they actually watch. Let’s be honest, sometimes porn box covers can be a little misleading, promising stuff that ends up only being a small part of the entire video. With video on demand websites, customers are billed by the minute. So if they only want to see 10 minutes of a film, that’s all they are charged for. Why pay for an entire movie if you don’t want to watch it all? It doesn’t make much sense, and VOD websites help keep the costs of adult entertainment down and make the selection amazingly vast.

There are additional benefits to using a VOD site, and XonDemand really has thought of ways to put the customer’s needs first. It’s rare when you can get anything for free in life anymore, but XonDemand offers its visitors completely free teaser clips that are changed every day. That’s right, 10 fresh new clips are offered every day in a variety of categories, to really entice and excite customers to come on in and make a purchase. With Video on Demand sites, you never have to worry about a title being out of stock when you go to watch it. Once a title is added to the site, it will be there for customers to enjoy whenever they desire. In addition, new content is added all the time. In the case of XonDemand, approximately 1000 new titles are added each month. But what about the quality of the picture? Does it compare to what you get with a DVD? Absolutely. With movies available in Windows Media Player and Real Player formats in a variety of bandwidths, the images are clear, sharp, and full of the quality you’d expect to pay a lot more money for. With XonDemand, customers need not worry if they have a technical problem? A friendly and helpful staff is available weekdays during normal business hours, and for help at night or on the weekend, an e-mail or voice-mail can be left which will be returned the next business day. Video on Demand websites know the customer comes first, and will do all they can to help and maintain a loyal support base of repeat buyers.

So whether your customers like it all or prefer only one specific type of porn, they can’t possibly buy every one of the thousands and thousands of adult videos on the market. With video on demand sites, they can pick and pick and choose a few minutes from quite a bit of them, and still end up paying less than it would cost to buy just one on DVD. This is just another final reason video on demand by sites like XonDemand is the best way to get your XXX fix! Video on Demand is here, and it is the way of the future. Turn your customers on to it now, they’ll be happy you did.

Part 1 - The Webmaster
Part 2 - Studios and DRM
Part 3 - Customers

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