VOD is Video On Demand Part 2: Studios and DRM

By: , September 18, 2007 | Content Tips

Part 2 - Customers: With VOD, the customer is in charge and it ends up being a more affordable, more satisfying, and more profitable venture for the webmaster as well.

By XonDemand

In the first part of our discussion we looked at webmasters and affiliates and how they can see potentially limitless benefits from partnering up with a Video on Demand website. But what about the studios themselves? After all, the studios are the ones creating the adult content; shouldn't they be able to maximize the income they make on their films? Of course, and Video on Demand provides an excellent source of additional revenue that appeals to the Internet savvy customers of today who want to be able to enjoy your content at their convenience, and might not be able to afford to purchase a full length video or DVD. Video on Demand still gives fans of your movies an opportunity to enjoy the content and perhaps even sample more of your movies than they would be able to afford if they actually had to buy the full length movie.

As a studio, you can use a VOD theater to stream adult content with a variety of your videos all organized by taste and sexual preference. Give your customers what they want, where they want it, and all the while you make a recurring percentage of all VOD sales. As a studio participating on a VOD website such as XonDemand, you'll enjoy all of the the following benefits. First and foremost, you get to work with a company that has maintained its reputation for excellence. XonDemand is a principled, visionary company that has already come far in a short time, and has even bigger plans for the future. They've hired a focused and results-driven marketing team that has a most impressive background in the adult industry, so they know the customer base and how best to help you reach it. XonDemand also has exceedingly generous payouts with a commission structure that tops the industry. In addition, XonDemand knows how valuable it is to not only make money, but to know where the revenue came from. They offer detailed and informative business reports that will help you easily discover what your biggest sellers are at a glance!

So how do you get your content streamed on a VOD site? Well they all might have slightly different procedures, but with XonDemand it is quite simple. Simply ship them in the mail one copy of each DVD you want available to be streamed. The movie is encoded in both Windows Media Player and RealPlayer formats with several bandwidth options available. The movies are then added for the customer to enjoy in a pay per view format on the website. On average XonDemand adds 1,000 new movies per month, but stays on top of the workload so your titles are added quickly, usually just a matter of a week or two after they arrive to XonDemand. So your new releases stay as new releases and become available as quickly as possible for your customers to enjoy. In addition, your classic content remains available. Imagine a video store that had endless shelf space and didn't have to bump your older titles to make room for your new content. That is the beauty of VOD, they can offer your entire catalog of adult movies, and make them available to be enjoyed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

But before you run and sign up, we understand studios are protective of their content, as they should be. But Video on Demand utilizes DRM, Digital Rights Management to encode and protect your videos when they are viewed on-line. Your content is simply streamed in real time as it arrives over the Internet, and is never downloaded onto a users' hard drive. This also benefits you because they will keep coming back for more since they can't watch the same movie again and again without paying for it each time. But with movies priced per minute, it makes it affordable and appealing, and encourages repeat business which ultimately benefits you as a studio. Pay Per View is rapidly becoming the dominant model in the marketplace as opposed to subscription based or download services. The customer is in control of what they watch, when, and most importantly how much from any Internet connected device, allowing your movies to reach customers who may never have been able to view them before. And your content remains your property all the while. It's really a win/win situation. The customer wins but even more important, the studio wins because they get their movies in front of more eyes than ever before and can quickly discover which videos are more popular to help them gauge future trends as well. Video on Demand from XonDemand and the studios are the perfect partners.

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