What Makes Affiliate Programs Work?

By: , September 18, 2007 | Affiliate & Revenue Programs

Evan Horowitz of Xpays.com credits the success of an affiliate program on 3 essential components: tracking, revenue streams, and partnerships.

By Evan Horowitz - Owner, President, CEO of XPays.com

"An affiliate program works best when it works completely on behalf of its webmasters."

The success of an affiliate program depends on three essential components: total tracking, multiple revenue streams, and stable partnerships. XPays keeps these key points in mind through every phase of business, in order to grow in the right direction and always focus on what is most important to the webmaster.

Total tracking means webmasters can count on their advertising statistics to give them the full picture of their traffic. XPays tracks every referred user through every link and exit chain, so the webmaster can accurately gauge the true quality of the traffic being sent and intelligently direct its flow. It's a matter of having access to every piece of information about your traffic--that's how a webmaster customizes his site to generate the most transactions. An affiliate program is only as good as its tracking system, and every webmaster should seek out programs whose tracking is thorough, accurate, and efficient.

Without a variety of quality revenue streams, webmasters are taking a gamble with the success of a single sponsor's product or service. We all know that this kind of risk can burn you in the end, but it's avoidable. Good affiliate programs emphasize variety--through membership sites, newsletters, adult toys, phone sex, etc.--and therefore offer a more stable foundation for webmasters to build and convert money-making opportunities. XPays continuously anticipates trends within the industry and makes it as easy as possible for webmasters to access a broad spectrum of the most profitable advertising. In any business venture, diversity is an asset that opens up new possibilities and maximizes growth potential.

Most importantly, XPays provides a stable, long-term partnership. Like a mutual fund, an affiliate program is designed to maximize revenue over a period of time, and those in it for overnight success will fall short. However, those serious about their investments--whether dealing with stocks or Web traffic--understand that a secure, conservative approach will yield the best, most consistent results. Solid relationships are built with webmaster peace of mind, so a system that will not shut down or miss a payout is essential. An affiliate program's availability to its webmasters is also crucial; no program can function without a team committed to providing around-the-clock personal service and support for webmasters.

Step back to look at the bigger picture and it's clear that no affiliate program can do without 100% tracking of traffic, multiple revenue-generating streams, and long-term, committed partnerships. We see hundreds of webmasters who miss out on potential profits they could be earning with no added effort on their part. The smart webmaster is aware of his affiliate program's degree of professionalism, and won't settle for anything that misses even one of these criteria.

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