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Managing Partner / Design & Development Manager

Company Role: Robert is the Director of Web Development & Programming. He is responsible for all programming and technical aspects of running AdultChamber and the clients for Online Technologies Group. He handles all programming as well as coordinating web development projects for our clients.

Justin Chan

Managing Partner / Design & Development Manager

Company Role: With his wide range of knowledge and experience in the adult industry, web design and management since 1996, Justin and his team are responsible for all print and web design development for our clients, the trade shows and our in-house work for AdultChamber / Online Technologies Group.

Carmen Merighi

Managing Partner / USA Office Manager

Company Role: Carmen is another managing partner who manages the main office in Boca Raton Florida. He also does some of the search engine marketing and optimizing work for our own properties as well as clients. He also handles the client management for most projects as well as advertising displays, press releases and other in house properties.

Marc Laffer

Sales & Marketing Director

Company Role: As founder of Online Technologies, we are proud to aquire Marc Laffer as Sales & Marketing Director. With his years of experience and his network in the business he is surely a great asset, guide and connection to the industry. Marc has many years of experience developing websites, marketing and advertising.

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