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Submissions for Targeted Exposure

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To submit a free or preferred listing you'll have to be a registered user. Preferred listings are $99 per month. To purchase a preferred listing, register, submit your listing then contact us via the contact page with your username and submission title and let us know you want a preferred listing. We'll send you an invoice and how to pay. We accept credit cards, checks, bank wires and paypal.

Press releases are free to submit with no registration.

Linking guidelines: We accept what's called "one way linking", meaning you submit a resource link to us and put a reciprocal link to on another site. Link exchanges are fine as well, but not preferred. We also will link sites without a reciprocal link if it's a high quality resource. What makes a high quality resource, a site that is relevant to the industry and webmasters and has a good product or service. Yes, that can be a judgment call, but we're very fair about it.

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