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Banner Exchanges

Display banners on your site in exchange for free exposure on other sites within the program.


Gay Traffic Exchange

Gay Traffic Exchange is a turbo fast banner exchange network where you will receive targeted visitors to your gay adult website. Free starter credits at signup. Join now.


Free World Banner Exchange RATIO 1:1

XBiz Exchange

Only webmaster product & service sites will be approved. We do not accept free hosts, tgps, picposts, topsites & link sites. 3:2 Ratio - For every 3 ads shown on your site, you earn 2 credits, meaning your banner is shown 2 times on other Webmaster Exchange™ member sites. You will receive 50 free credits upon joining! Zero-tolerance on cheating! Any attempt to cheat will permanently ban you from the program. You may not alter the html code given to you. Banner must be 468x60. Banner will be served from your server. Banner exchange code must be placed on your webmaster page(s) only!

Sex Swap

If you have a porn site, SexSwap network is a great way to get more hits for your page. It takes just a few minutes to set everything up: paste some codes and you're done! Your own banners will be served on hundreds of popular adult sites. SexSwap will show your banner 1 time for each 2 credits you accumulate. You accumulate 1 credit every time your page has our code loaded. HITS are CREDITS and CREDITS are ADS.

Horny Traffic

HornyTraffic adult banner exchange provided heavy targeted adult traffic using a state of the art adult banner swap system and porn top list. If you need adult visitors to your website use HornyTraffic adult banner exchange for quality hits.


Our Banner eXchange Network is mainly for Pantyhose Fetish sites, but Nylons, Legs, High Heels sites are welcome too. If you have a such a website and want some free targeted traffic, you are at the right place! Banner exchange can help you! How it works: Join our banner exchange Insert the provided HTML code on your site This code displays a banner of another exchange member on your site You earn credits for banner impressions For each credit your banner is shown on another participating site Please read more about our rules and features on the left column of this page.

Innocence Network

Welcome to the innocence network! We aim to be the best banner exchange and advertising network on the web for art, photography and erotica-related websites. There are two ways to promote your site: 1. You can join this network for free and promote your site by exchanging banners with other sites. Quality sites have the benefit of a 1:1 exchange ratio (i.e. you get your banner displayed on another site for EVERY banner you display on your site) and you can gain free banner display credits as well! Sites are accepted in the following categories: fine art (premium), general arts/erotica, adult, celebrities and camgirls. 2. You can advertise your site on our network for very favourable rates, with discounts for arts sites and guaranteed results available.

Fetish Swap

FetishSwap is free and easy way to show your banner ads on other Fetish sites that participate in our Banner Exchange. For evey three banners shown on your site, two of your banners will be shown on someone else's site. Our targeting system ensures that your ads appear where they get the highhest click-through ratio.

Adult Link Exchange

Increase your page rank and link popularity for free with adult link exchange service, get more backlinks and trafic.

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