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Slut Teen - Free Slut Porn

Free XXX sluts aged 18 to 19. These easy whores want one thing, to cum and please those who make it happen. These girls are care-free at this age. Cum and see their slutty sides before they turn into moms.

Free Gooey Porn

We have more than 250,000 galleries of pictures and movies in nearly every category. Live video chat services, adult toys and a webmasters submission center. Free to submit an unlimited number of galleries or trade links.

Picfanatic TGP

TGP for all sorts of galleries.

Amateur Treasure Chest TGP

Submit your TGP galleries Today! Galleries are approved quickly.

NN Teen Starlets

Free NN Teens TGP Non Nude Galleries are Always Welcomed! TEEN ONLY

Gallery Gay Cun

Submit your pictures and gay movie galleries

XXX Adult Sex XXX

General TGP requiring recip link back (preferably beside a couple others) and sticking to the general rules while trying to remain open minded and helpful to newbies.

Raw Teen TGP

Raw Teen TGP is a thumbnail gallery post directed at hardcore teen galleries. It follows a simple, straight forward, no tricks design.

Free TGPs

Daily Source For Sex And Free Porn. Free Galleries, Free Porn tgp.

Ruby Asians

All Asian thumbnail and movie gallery post

Gallery Gay Cun

Daily updated gay porn galleries with free pics, and videos, submit yours galleries only a Reciprocal link is required. The trade site are welcome.

The Smut Nut

General TGP requiring recip link back (in addition to a couple others). Basic general rules of most TGPs but more than just your standard categories. Quality Porn Likns

Free gay and straight quality porn link list. Over 50 niches updated a couple of times per day.

Free Sex Membership TGP

Daily List of Free Sex Galleries and Link to Sex Sites

Mammoth Porn

Mammoth Porn is a multi-niche TGP/MGP. 24 niches available, submit as many galleries as you like.

LumberJack Links Webmaster Page Webmasters, our rules for listing your galleries are very simple: Your galleries must have at least 12 thumbnails No more than 2 sponsor banners (freehost banners included) No more than 1 counter (makes page loading slow) No SexSwap banners (they send visitors to a lot of bad sites) No "Next", "More", "Page 1 Page 2", "Enter Here" or "Main" links. No Lolita, pregnant, gay, incest, rape, scat, bestiality and kiddyporn galleries The cleaner your galleries are, the higher the chances of getting listed No banners/ buttons which could be mistaken for content but lead to a sponsor No popup or exit windows, not on the gallery and not at your sponsors! No linked big images (like Amateur Pages) or fake movie players No dynamic gallery. The url you submit has to be static and can't be altered after you've submitted. If you do, the gallery will get deleted. And last, but not least, NO trojans, redirects or anything. Your account will get deleted and you will get blacklisted. "Lumberjack-Links" "lumberjack links" "lumberjacklinks"


To submit, you need a partner account NEW! Thanks to our 'buddies', the cheaters. I changed my submission policy. From now on I'll only accept submissions from partners. Now, because I get a LOT of applications (when I opened Al4a submissions for partner accounts, I was reviewing them for 2 months after the application form was closed) and there are still webmasters who want something extra, I came up with the following solution: We offer 3 submission partner levels on our sites (, Paid Listing: You decide the spot and the date your gallery should be listed. When your galleries are in accordance with the rules, your listing is quaranteed! Please contact Cybercat Inc for prices and details. Premium Partner Account: You're basically paying for extra service, not for guaranteed listings! I am getting a lot of free partner account applications, so many that it takes days/weeks/months to review them. Also, because of those many applications, I expect a big backlog again for the submissions. Therefor a premium account holder will have the following benefits: You can submit every other day to and with this one account (approx. 3.3 million visitors per day). So basically you can submit 1 gallery per day to one of the two sites. Which means: You can submit a gallery on day 1 to worldsex, on day 2 to al4a, on day 3 to worldsex, on day 4 to al4a, etc etc Your application is instant. You get a username/ pass and can submit right away Every day we will start reviewing premium submissions first (thus giving you a better chance of getting listed faster, especially with backlogs) In case the gallery has been declined you will receive an exact decline reason. This can help improve your listing chances. I can see how often I have listed you / how many submissions you have done. You can't submit the same gallery to & on the same day. You can't have a free AND a premium account. You can have multiple accounts, but the galleries have to be on a different domain, with a different sponsor & have a different layout. You have to use a different email address for each account as well. You will get a bigger penis. (no chargebacks for this one!!!) As you can read, I don't promise any guaranteed listings. All I can promise is extra service and increased chances getting listed. So please don't email me why you haven't been listed because you're paying for it. You can ofcourse email me how you can improve your gallery so you've more chances getting listed. If you cheat, I'll blacklist everything I can find of you, and deactivate your account. If you do a chargeback, I'll blacklist you as hard as I can. This is because I don't offer anything besides service, no guarantees. Get your premium account here at the Submit Page Free WorldSex Partner Account: Everybody can get a free account. As you could read, the reason I am using accounts now is because it gives me more control over the cheaters, who are ruining it for all of us. Other advantages/ rules: It's free (I am dutch, that means a lot to us ;-) Applications will be reviewed by the order they come in. 1 Account per webmaster (so do not apply more then once! If you do, I blacklist them all) If your application gets declined, you can apply again. With a free account, you can submit once every 4 days. Free accounts only work on to the site you applied to. You get a general decline email (if you get declined ofcourse). Same gallery rules apply for both the premium as the free accounts. If you cheat, I'll blacklist everything I can find of you, and deactivate your account. To get listed your gallery has to be better/ more unique then the rest. Free account application form Thanks & goodluck, Pierre "worldsex", "world sex", "worldsex tgp", "world sex tgp"


Free series hardcore picture sets all with ertoic stories. SleazyDream offers themes include couples and groups having erotic public and private sex because they met through a dating serice for adults and swingers. For Info on Advertising Rates at SleazyDream and GUARENTEED gallery placement contact KEY: "Sleazy Dream", "SleazyDream", "", and "Sleazy TGP".


Submit your Celebrity, amateur, teen, voyeur, gay and lesbian galleries and get quality traffic.

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